Archbishop urges Governor of California to preserve the controversial statue of an 18th-century priest | California


The two archbishops have asked the Governor of California to stop trying to permanently remove the statue of Father Junipero Serra from the State Capitol. 18th century priest founded California Mission system, Native Americans have been exposed to violence and forced labor.

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez have appealed to Gavin Newsom in an opinion piece. The Wall Street Journal To save the controversial statue of Serra.

The Archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone, has urged Gavin Newsom to cease efforts to permanently remove the statue of Father Junípero Serra from the State Capitol. Photo: Jessica Christian / AP

Lawmakers passed a bill last month to place a monument on local indigenous peoples instead of statues, but they still need Newsom’s signature.The statue of Serra has been preserved since demonstrators defeated it during a protest of racial justice at Capitol Park in Sacramento. last summer.. In June 2020, protesters lowered the statues of Serra in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Statue Of Ulysses Grant and Francis Scott Key.

“Serra was a complex character, but he defended indigenous humanity, accused the abuse of indigenous women, burned down missions, and opposed the death penalty for the indigenous people who killed one of his friends. “I did,” the archbishop wrote on the wall in a street journal.

NS Specification To replace the statue, he claims that “the enslavement, disconnection, genocide, and assault on women of both adults and children were all part of the mission period initiated and supervised by Father Serra.” ..

Six tribes in Northern California support For the bill.

“The image of the mission period-another early period of genocide, slavery, and other deterioration imposed on California Indians-has a double impact on our history.” Said Jesus Tarango, chairman of Wilton Rancheria, the tribe that sponsored the bill. “We don’t yet fully know what was needed to build the State Capitol and who paid for it. The bill will begin to tell its history for us and future generations. prize.”

In 2015, Pope Francis decided to promote Serra to a saint, causing and urging anger among Native Americans in California. protest Not only outside of frequently visited missions petition Open letter to pope When Political leader It is in a state.

Tens of thousands of Native Americans were forced into the mission system below Sera’s leadership.. They were used as forced labor to build mission farming projects, undernourished, separated from their families, forced into small settlements, and many were killed by illness. The rebellion was cruelly suppressed.

The bill to remove the statue comes when cities, schools, and parks across California and the United States are rethinking controversial monuments and names with a racist history. Richmond, Virginia, Removed the statue After decades of campaigns, last week, Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s popular California ski resort announced this week. Renamed To get rid of the racist and misogynistic slur used to despise indigenous women.

Archbishop urges Governor of California to preserve the controversial statue of an 18th-century priest | California

Source link Archbishop urges Governor of California to preserve the controversial statue of an 18th-century priest | California


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