Apple soars above supply problems


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So Apple ends up Lose over $ 6 billion Increased revenue in the previous quarter due to supply chain issues — huge numbers. Wait a minute, but still withdrawn $ 124 billion in quarterly record revenue, those missed sales were actually just a drop in the ocean.

Its share has risen by more than 5% today as iPhone makers have once again proved their ability to survive the storm. Net income was up 20% to $ 34.6 billion, well above the projected $ 31.1 billion.

Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri told the Financial Times that supply chain concerns have eased, “We expect to set a March quarter earnings record and grow steadily year-on-year.” I added.

In the December quarter, the iPhone accounted for 58% of total revenue, at $ 71.6 billion. It is the top seller of smartphones in China, with revenues up 21% to $ 25.8 billion. Rex says Apple should spend more on finding a successor to the iPhone, and the $ 6 billion spent on R & D last quarter was far less than the amount spent on share buybacks.

Revenue from the service increased 24% to $ 19.5 billion. This includes savings from purchases on the App Store. It was a fire again on Thursday..

The U.S. Department of Justice, Microsoft, and 35 state lawyers were one of those who sought to revoke last year’s court ruling, admitting that fees for purchases did not violate competition law. The filings filed in a California court also included 38 business, law and economics professors, who said, “Apple’s high profit margins and imperviousness to competition give Apple its monopoly. It’s a compelling proof of what you’re doing. ”

Internet of Things (5)

1. Crowley leaves Softbank after bust up
Marcelo Claure, one of SoftBank’s highest-paying executives who led a turnaround at WeWork left Japanese technology conglomerate after dropping out with founder Masayoshi Son. Rex says While the controversy over a spectacular salary increase of more than 60 times may be understandable, shareholders need to worry that this is a sign of a new leadership crisis. Read the detailed analysis Of split.

2. Coinbase promises more cryptographic transparency
Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has promised “more transparency” about its investment sector holdings After FT analysis He emphasized concerns about potential conflicts of interest. Coinbase lists at least 20 cryptocurrencies for trading while retaining investment in related projects.

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3. Lynch loses autonomy fraud case
Mike Lynch, the founder of the billionaire software maker Autonomy, Lost a fraud case Introduced by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Lynch was sued in the London High Court for manipulating his account and forced HPE to pay an additional $ 5 billion when he acquired Autonomy in 2011. The judge said the damage was “much less” than HPE claimed.

4. Britain warns against Russia’s cyberattack
British organizations and large corporations Need to prepare The best security officials warned on Friday about the possibility of Russia’s state-sponsored cyberattacks, citing recent hacks on dozens of official Ukrainian websites. Paul Chichester, Operations Director at the National Cyber ​​Security Center, cautioned and said, “It is imperative that an organization follow.” [cyber security] Guidance to ensure they are resilient. “

5. Genesis allows NFTs to be collateralized for loans
Genesis, a digital asset trading group, has begun accepting irreplaceable tokens As collateral for loans and derivatives It’s a sign that digital art has entered a fast-growing market for complex crypto financial products. House & Home has been seen so far How NFTs can protect Metaverse homes.

Technical Tools — VanMoof X3 e-bike

VanMoof X3 e-bike

Peloton There’s a problemHowever, those who make on-the-road electric bikes to improve your fitness are riding high in the saddle.Belgian cowboys are just Announcing the $ 80 Million Series C In the funding round, “In-house implementation of core technology will enable us to accelerate product innovation.” .. .. We will continue to build a fitness-centric community by increasing the use of the app. Announced by Dutch rival VanMoof $ 128 Million Fundraising Round Back in September and this week Reported booking For that to come VanMoof V The number of high-speed electric bicycles reached 10,000 in just three months after the announcement.

I tried it Current generation X3 (£ 2,000), Equipped with 24-inch wheels compared to other S3 versions of 28-inch wheels. Like many electric bikes, it’s 46 pounds and not lightweight. Unlike cowboy bikes, we weighed on batteries, but they are not removable, so the bike itself must be close to a power outlet to charge.

My first major trip started disappointingly with punk, but when I got back to the road, I was impressed with the four power levels and the ways that helped me move gear with automatic shifts. The best feature is the turbo boost button on the handlebars. One press and I were soaring up a difficult slope away from the traffic lights.

I wasn’t worried about the range. I managed a 60 mile ride with plenty of juice and can charge up to 50% in 80 minutes. There are also removable PowerBank accessories that can provide an additional distance of up to 65 miles. The X3 has an easy way to lock the rear wheels and anti-theft features such as GPS tracking, all of which can be controlled using the companion app. What’s missing is an integrated smartphone mount that helps display the app, but you can add it yourself or wait for the V to be included. Until it arrives later this year, the X3 is there with the best e-bikes I’ve tested.You can read How to use it Round up This latest model..

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