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    Apple iPhone 13: All the missing features we didn’t get

    The iPhone 13 brings new features such as a better camera and longer battery life, but it still lacks some useful features.

    This story is part of Apple event, Full coverage of the latest news from Apple.

    Apple iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Certainly, there are many things we can offer compared to our predecessors. Longer battery life, better camera, and more storage space at the base level.But there are still many features we wanted to see iPhone 13 lineup
    It’s not on Apple’s latest smartphones. Many of these features are available to Android competitors, but some are also available to other Apple products.

    iPhone 13, this Pre-order is now available Friday morning from $ 829 for the standard model with no carrier discount. Minis start at $ 729, iPhone 13 Pros start at $ 999, and iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $ 1,099.

    From the in-screen fingerprint reader to a truly borderless screen, iPhone 13 still has some missing features.

    USB-C support

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the same charger for your iPhone and other gadgets in your home?Unfortunately, Apple’s latest iPhone No USB-C connection again.. As with 2012 and later, modern iPhones require Apple’s own Lightning cable for wired charging.

    Not only does this mean that you can’t turn on your iPhone using other gadget chargers, but it’s also possible that other Apple mobile device chargers aren’t compatible with your iPhone. Means For example, Apple’s iPad Air, iPad Pro, and the newly announced iPad Mini all charge via USB-C. This means that even Apple Loyalists need to track multiple charging cables.

    In-screen fingerprint reader

    Face ID works well in most cases, but it’s useful to have the option to use your fingerprint to unlock your device. This is especially true over the past year and a half, as Face ID cannot accurately identify you while wearing a face mask. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, you may have entered a lot more passcodes than usual over the past year.

    Many Android smartphones, such as Samsung, Motorola, and OnePlus, have a fingerprint reader built into the screen. 2019 Report from analyst Ming-Chi KuoSometimes known for accurate Apple predictions, Apple said it will release an iPhone with Face ID and an in-display fingerprint sensor in 2021. That wasn’t true, but you’ll probably see it on the iPhone. 14.14.

    Satellite connection

    One of the most prominent rumors about the iPhone 13 in the weeks before its launch was the launch of the iPhone 13. Comes with satellite connection To send text in an emergency. At least not yet, that wasn’t true.

    Kuo When Bloomberg Both reported that the iPhone 13 can use satellite connections in areas without cellular coverage. However, a Bloomberg report provided a little more detail, stating that this feature primarily acts as an SOS for contacting emergency services. Messages have a length limit and you may need to walk to a specific location to connect.

    However, a Bloomberg report states that this feature may be deprecated, and the iPhone 13 may not have this feature at launch, even if it has the hardware to support it. Is warned.

    Wi-Fi 6e support

    Wi-Fi 6e It’s still new and not indispensable. However, many people buy their iPhones with the intention of storing them for several years, so it was helpful to check Wi-Fi 6e support at least on Pro and Pro Max models.

    Wi-Fi 6e is a special name for Wi-Fi 6 devices that gives you access to the spectrum in the new 6GHz me My colleague Ry Crist saysThink of the 6GHz band as a “glossy new 7-lane super highway” that can only be used with supported devices. The 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands you’re used to connecting with today’s routers are like “one-lane national highways” and “three-lane interstate highways,” respectively.

    Not many smartphones support Wi-Fi 6e yet. But Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra is one of them, and we already see Asus and Netgear routers that support this Wi-Fi designation. If you’re paying for the finest iPhones, at least an optional Wi-Fi 6e connection is useful.

    Always displayed

    my Apple watch I hope it has a always-on display and can be done on the iPhone. For years, smartphones from Samsung, OnePlus, and other Android device makers have had screens that can display information on the screen even when the display is in sleep mode.

    It may not sound like a big deal, but I found it surprisingly useful. Most phones with an always-on display display information such as the time of day and the next calendar event when the display is off.

    You can see this information at a glance, so you don’t have to actually pick up the phone and you can easily see when your next meeting will be. This helps prevent distractions. If you don’t have a smartwatch, the always-on display allows you to quickly and easily see small pieces of information while keeping some distance from your smartphone.

    Telephoto lens with 10x optical zoom

    The iPhone 13 lineup has undergone some major improvements Regarding camera quality.. All four models have a new cinematic mode that automatically switches focus between subjects as needed, allowing macro photography on the iPhone 13 Pro.

    But the iPhone 13 telephoto camera isn’t very close to the zoom yet Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have a 6x optical zoom range, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra has two telephoto lenses that support 3x and 10x optical zoom.

    The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was named because Samsung smartphones are known for their zoom capabilities. Our favorite phone for camera zoom But you have to wait until you test the iPhone 13 Pro to see how it actually overlaps with Samsung’s latest flagship.

    Screen without notch

    Yes, Apple fans have been on the iPhone since 2017, so you’re probably used to the “notch” now. But given that Android device makers have made progress in this regard, it cannot be overlooked.

    Most Android smartphones come with a notched screen that includes a subtle hole-shaped notch for the camera. Samsung was one of the earliest adopters of this design in the Galaxy S10 family in 2019. But now, this design is common throughout the Android world, whether you’re looking at a Samsung, Google, OnePlus, or Motorola phone.

    However, part of the reason the iPhone’s notch is so big is that it has all the Face ID sensors in it. Apple’s facial recognition system is generally Prior to competition, Especially when it was released.

    Flexibility to control screen refresh rate

    NS iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max Is the first iPhone to feature Apple’s ProMotion feature. This feature increases the refresh rate of your display up to 120Hz for smooth scrolling and improved responsiveness. To save battery life, focus your screen on a lower refresh rate to maintain battery life.

    Other phones like the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S20 offer more control and flexibility by allowing you to choose when you want. Crank refresh rate up to 120Hz Instead of letting the phone decide. In Samsung’s settings menu, you can choose between smoother scrolling options and battery life options. However, you have to sacrifice some image quality and battery life.

    Faster wireless charging

    Wireless charging has been standard on iPhones since 2017, but we haven’t seen any significant improvement in charging speed yet.If not in use MagSafe Wireless Charger, With a wireless charging speed of 15W, iPhone can only be charged at 7.5W.

    This is much slower than most Android phones. For example, Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Supports 10W wireless charging, Galaxy S20 FE supports faster 15W wireless charging. The OnePlus 9 Pro, on the other hand, supports 50W wireless charging.

    Now that wireless charging has become commonplace and no longer considered uncommon on smartphones, it’s great to see Apple improve the wireless charging speed of the iPhone as it does on the Apple Watch.

    Reverse wireless charging

    We were all there.Maybe you are on a bus or train, and you are yours AirPods All you have to do is see the dreaded red light signal that your battery is about to run out. I wish I could put the AirPods case on the back of the iPhone and give it a little more power.

    Widely known as reverse wireless charging, this feature includes Samsung’s Galaxy S21 line and Google Pixel 5However, it cannot be used on iPhone 13. Basically, you can make the back of your smartphone act as a wireless charging pad for accessories such as smartphones, wireless earphones, and other phones.

    This feature isn’t currently available, but there are clues that Apple may be thinking about. Submission to the Federal Communications Commission from October 2020 May have been built by Apple Technology required for iPhone, even if it is not enabled.

    Apple Pencil support

    Apple has brought support for the Apple Pencil to all iPads in its lineup, but it’s not yet compatible with the iPhone.I especially like the Apple Pencil with the iPhone 13 Pro Max iPhone 12 Pro MaxBoth have a 6.7-inch screen, almost tablet-sized, perfect for sketching and taking notes. In addition, adding support for the Apple Pencil to super-sized ProMax phones gives Apple yet another way to distinguish it from the 6.1-inch Pro and take advantage of the larger screen.

    Lossless audio via Bluetooth

    With chip maker Qualcomm debut It’s a new and unique audio format for delivering lossless audio via Bluetooth, so it would have been nice to hear similar ambitions from Apple.

    Lossless audio uses another compression method that retains more detail than the process used to make Bluetooth audio files large enough to be stored on a mobile phone. Qualcomm expects devices that support the lossless audio format to be available in early 2022, so we may hear more about it at CES in January.

    In the meantime, you’ll need to use wired headphones or the iPhone’s built-in speakers to listen to lossless music from your mobile device.

    Video call center stage

    Entry-level iPad and iPad Mini The center stage is ready. Ability to automatically frame faces when video chatting with FaceTime, Zoom and other apps. It works automatically and is very convenient as many of us communicate with friends, colleagues and family via video calls.

    However, it would be even more useful if Center Stage was available on all Apple products, including iPhones and Macs. In fact, I do most video chats on my iPhone or Mac instead of my iPad. This is especially because the phones are small, usually portrait and eye level and easy to hold.

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    What is still missing in iPhone 13


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