Apple files appealed in Epic Games proceedings that could delay changes


Center Apple Inc. Tim Cook, CEO of Tim Cook, will arrive in the US District Court in Oakland, California, on Friday, May 21, 2021.

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Apple Submission Notice of appeal For Epic Games Ask for a stay According to company representatives and documents submitted Friday, an injunction that allows developers to add in-app links to payment websites.

Rule changes that could allow developers to avoid 15% to 30% of the App Store fee if Apple wins the stay decided by the judge in November are valid until the proceedings are appealed It may not be. Year.

In September, federal judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers ruled in support of Apple in nine out of ten antitrust trials filed by Fortnite maker Epic. Epic wanted the ability to install its own app store on the iPhone. Apple’s legal counsel, Kate Adams, said the decision at the time was a “big win.”

However, Apple may also make major changes to the store, allowing mobile apps to direct consumers to external payment methods, providing a way to circumvent Apple’s App Store charges.

The injunction is currently scheduled to come into effect on December 9.

Apple hasn’t publicly explained how the App Store policy will change under that order, but some developers have already begun to explain it. Build software It is based on their interpretation of the judgment.

“Roughly speaking, I’ve determined that this change would more generally harm users, developers, and iOS platforms without careful restrictions to protect consumers, developers, and iOS platforms. “More,” said Trystan Kosmynka, Apple’s senior director. Members of App Review said in a Friday filing.

According to an Apple representative, Apple could change the App Store policy, discuss it with judges, and eliminate the need for an injunction.

Last year, Apple made some small concessions to critics of app distribution rules in response to lawsuits and regulatory attention. Strategies to limit larger changes To that App Store. Apple argues that it should be able to decide which software is allowed to work on the iPhone in order to achieve what the company says is a better user experience.

Apple in a filing explaining the reason for the stay Quote some concessions It took place in August as part of another settlement with a small developer. The settlement is still awaiting Judge Rogers’ approval.

“The required stay allows Apple to protect consumers and the platform, while Apple is involved in the complex, rapidly evolving legal, technical, and economic revisions of these guidelines. We’re working on the issue, “Apple’s lawyer said in a court filing.

The judge also ordered Epic to pay Apple damages. Epic Games filed a notice of appeal in September. A representative of Epic Games declined to comment.

If app makers could eventually charge their customers directly without using Apple’s in-app purchase system, it would threaten the company’s profit engine. The App Store is part of the company’s services business, with 2020 sales of $ 56.8 billion and gross profit of 66%, accounting for about 20% of Apple’s revenue.

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Apple files appealed in Epic Games proceedings that could delay changes

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