Apple fights order forcing it to open up App Store


Apple has requested a US court to postpone an injunction ordering the App Store to open to rival payment platforms.

The iPhone maker told federal court on Friday that “quick enforcement” of the injunction “will upset the cautious balance between developers and customers.” .. .. And it will do irreparable damage to both Apple and consumers. “

Judge overseeing Apple v. Epic trial last month — Fortnite Parent Epic Games has sued Apple for making an illegal monopoly. Epic signaled to appeal on the day of the verdict, but Apple called it an “overwhelming victory.”

But at one count, Apple lost, and Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers told the customer that the developer “in addition to the app, a button, an external link, or a call for other action to guide the customer to the buying mechanism.” He said it was “anti-competitive” to hide. purchase”.

Injunctions relate to only one of 10 counts, but Apple’s compliance with the orders is the biggest way developers can benefit from apps since the App Store was launched in 2008. Reflects the change. “Take money directly from consumers.

The order was scheduled to come into effect on December 7. Apple Once allowed to stay, developers will not be able to offer digital products outside the payment platform until the appeal is resolved. Apple estimated it would be 12-18 months.

Earlier this week, revenue platform Paddle announced its first rival platform for in-app purchases. It was set to work when the injunction came into effect. Paddle CEO Christian Owens said Wednesday that developers were “flying blindly” because there was no comment on how Apple would comply with the injunction.

Paddle’s order reading is arguably wider than Apple’s, but it’s still clear.

If the original injunction is enforced, Apple will be ordered to allow links to “external” payment options. That is, the customer is probably directed to the website. It doesn’t specifically require what Paddle wants to implement. That means Apple makes third-party “in-app purchases” with little friction and robs Apple of savings.

Paddle wants to charge 5-10% of Apple’s 15-30% charge. Given that the App Store’s total revenue exceeded $ 41 billion in the first half of this year alone, according to Sensor Tower, this difference will have a significant impact on both Apple and developers.

Apple claimed that the postponement wouldn’t hurt Epic because the game maker “doesn’t have an active developer account and doesn’t have an app in the App Store.”

When seeking a stay, Apple claimed that the injunction “exceeded” the court’s authority and added that the ruling that impeded the developer’s ability to communicate with customers was false.

The court will be convened next month.

Apple fights order forcing it to open up App Store Source link Apple fights order forcing it to open up App Store

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