Apple Continues To Shine With New Credit Payment Innovation


The world’s most valuable tech companies have had a great year after a strong fourth quarter, but people are talking about Apple’s latest developments.

Have you ever noticed how many “two kinds of people” dynamics are in this world?

You are either a Beatles fan or an Elvis fan.

You drink either cola or pepsi.

You watch a movie from either Marvel or DC.

I have never personally understood the idea of ​​brand loyalty. It doesn’t make any sense to concentrate on one product. pay For that.

Do you know what I see?

Music, soda, manga, etc. each have their own strengths, and while I understand the brand’s LIKING, which is my personal hobby, it seems ridiculous to simply focus on one and reject the other.

A similar dichotomy exists in the world of smartphones. You are either an Apple (AAPL) or Android fan (or maybe one of the fringe people using a Google phone).

I had both, and I like Apple, but I liked my Android phone nicely.

Why do I like Apple? I like the smoothness of the operating system. It’s more “jerky” on Android.

However, if you provide us with free Android, we will be happy to use it.

I like Apple …

And I’m not the only one. Many people feel the same way.

Apple’s latest breakthrough

How do you know

Data, my friends … data.

Q4 has always been important to Apple’s bottom line. This is a quarter that shows how many people have decided to embark during that spending, which we all call the holiday season.

And Apple’s fourth quarter of 2021 was a mess.

Sales of the company’s largest money generator, the iPhone, increased by a staggering 9% year-over-year.

In fact, despite these nasty supply chain issues, sales for almost all of Apple’s product lines increased from the previous year.

However, the company’s fourth-quarter success is still a long way off.

The company’s profitable service segment also killed it, with revenue from Apple TV, iCloud and Apple Music up 24% compared to the previous quarter. All of this has resulted in record revenue. That’s a whopping $ 124 billion.

It was a Big Year

What happened to Apple?

It’s easy…

They went out of the box and really started to sell to China, their biggest growing business segment.

According to early data, Apple became the first largest smartphone distributor in China in the last six years, with its sales in China increasing by one-third, a record 23 in the domestic smartphone market. Won%.

That’s a big deal, and it’s a clearly foreseeable future trend, which is very good for Apple.

But there’s much more, and small business owners will love this next part.

Success of innovation varieties

Most companies now accept payments by credit card transaction, and in order to execute a credit card via a smartphone, you need a payment machine to facilitate between the credit card and the company.

However, this may not be the case longer than that.

Rumor has it that Apple is testing a new service that will allow business owners to make credit card transactions using only the iPhone.

Of course, companies like Block wouldn’t like this … but they can’t grow without sacrifice.

All of this is good for Apple, and the fact that they are “bullish” on the Green Zone rating scale doesn’t hurt them either.

Check here..

Apple GZF 1 28 22

That said, I will continue to use Apple products until something better is born. Don’t get me wrong. I love Apple products … but innovation is key.

If they don’t continue to provide me with better products and services, I’ll be fine …

My loyalty begins and ends with the money I give you for your product.

“Design isn’t just about look and feel. Design is about how it works.” – Steve Jobs

Apple Continues To Shine With New Credit Payment Innovation Source link Apple Continues To Shine With New Credit Payment Innovation

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