Anti-vaccine chiropractor using Covid to disseminate false information | US News


A flashy postcard covered with syringe images invited people to join the Vax-Con ’21 to learn the “uncensored truth” about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Participants traveled from all over the country to Wisconsin Dells Resort for a sold-out tournament that was a sea of ​​false information and conspiracy theories about vaccines and pandemics.

The featured speaker was an anti-vaccine activist who appeared in the 2020 movie. Plandemic, This has pushed the fake Covid-19 story into the mainstream. Fake claims about wearing masks and the “dangers” of vaccines were discussed one after another.

The tournament was organized by members of the profession in which a minority of voices sought a disproportionate impact on Covid: Chiropractor.

A group of chiropractors using pandemics by spreading fear and distrust of vaccines, the Associated Press investigation, when the US surgeon president said false information poses an urgent threat to public health. I found.

They promote supplements as a vaccine alternative, write doctor’s notes to help patients get out of their mask and immunity obligations, donate large sums of money to anti-vaccine organizations, and anti-vaccine ads on Facebook and Instagram. AP found that it sold.

A chiropractor donated thousands to the Superpack, which hosted the anti-vaccine parent Donald Trump Rally on January 6 near the US Capitol.

They were also the driving force behind anti-vaccine events like in Wisconsin, where hundreds of chiropractors paid out over $ 299 to attend.

Public health advocates are wary.

“People trust them. They trust their authority, but they also feel that they are a good alternative to traditional medicine,” said Vaccinate, who is tracking people in the anti-vaccine movement. Erica De Wald of Your Family said.

She took the plunge as follows. “Mainstream medicine introduces people to chiropractors who don’t know they can be exposed to false information. I go because I have a backache, but suddenly I don’t want to vaccinate my child. “

They are a small but loud minority of the country’s 70,000 chiropractors, many of whom support vaccines. In some places, chiropractors are allowed to help organize vaccine clinics or give Covid-19 shots.

The pandemic has given a new platform to the chiropractor faction, which stirs up false information against vaccines long before Covid-19 arrives.

Chiropractic was founded in 1895 by DD Palmer, a “magnetic therapist” who claimed that most illnesses were the result of vertebral displacement.

Its early leaders refused surgery and drug use, as well as the idea that bacteria cause illness.

This caused many to refuse the vaccine.

A 2015 Gallup study found that an estimated 33.5 million adults have seen chiropractors in the last 12 months.

Since 2019, AP has discovered that chiropractors and chiropractor-backed groups have been working to influence vaccine-related laws and policies in at least 24 states.

For example, an organization founded by chiropractors and co-owners of the chiropractic business has admitted that it stormed a bill that would have ended the religious exemption of vaccines in New Jersey in early 2020.

Then a pandemic broke out, paving the way for profit.

The first complaint filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) under the Covid-19 Consumer Protection Act was the April complaint against Chiropractor, Missouri.

He claims he mistakenly advertised that “vaccines don’t stop the spread of the virus,” but so did the supplements he sold for $ 24 per bottle and $ 9.95 for shipping. He says he didn’t advertise his supplements that way and is fighting the allegations in court.

Nebraska’s chiropractor Ben Tapper saidDisinformation dozenThe list, edited by the Center for Countering Digital Hatred, says he is one of a small group of people responsible for nearly two-thirds of online vaccine controversy content.

In his view, the public needs vaccines for their health, but he believes that is not true. He said the vaccine was of no use to what he called the “health and prevention paradigm.”

It is unclear how widespread the antipathy towards the vaccine is in the chiropractor rank, but there are some clues.

Stephen Pearl, a professor of chiropractic at the University of Bridgeport, recently surveyed thousands of US chiropractors. He and other studies show that less than 20% of chiropractors have “unorthodox” views, such as opposition to vaccines, he said. Pearl called the group “a very loud and enthusiastic minority.”

AP could not find a national number of vaccination rates among chiropractors, but Oregon tracks vaccination intake among all licensed healthcare providers.

58% of Oregon-approved chiropractors and 55% of chiropractic assistants were vaccinated as of September 5, compared to 96% of dentists, 92% of MDs, and registered 83% of nurses, 68% of naturopathic doctors, 75% of the general public.

A chiropractor in North Carolina says people who have been vaccinated against the flu are “poisoning themselves.”

A patient’s voice on the Georgia Chiropractor website declares that “Dr. Lou taught me how toxic injections and vaccinations are.”

Kyle McKaymy, a chiropractor in Michigan, tells patients in a pediatric intake form that “if you need information about the dangers of a vaccine and how to reject it, please let us know.” The lines are separated by smiley face emoji.

On the west coast, a chiropractic seminar and exposition “ Caljam” hosted by chiropractor Billy Demos will be held in 2019 for a group led by one of the world’s most prominent anti-vaccine activists, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He said he had raised $ 10,000. ..

Another group, health Freedom was co-founded in 2019 by another member of “ Disinformation Dozen”, Sayer Ji, along with chiropractor Joel Bohemier and chiropractor husband Leah Wilson, who co-owns the chiropractic business in Indiana. ..

New Jersey Senator Steve Sweeney, Democratic President, fears AP that some chiropractors may be violating the state’s advertising truth law because they are disseminating false information against vaccines. Said that.

“Chiropractors violate the law and give medical advice. Chiropractors found to be in violation should be deprived of their license,” he said. “They give advice as if they were specialists, not doctors, but they aren’t.”

Anti-vaccine chiropractor using Covid to disseminate false information | US News

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