Anna Duggar: Why Has She Remained Silent?


Anna Dagger has seven children at home, all under the age of 13, one of whom is only seven weeks old.

So she is obviously very busy.

But rather something imminent has just fallen, something that made a national headline, and something that directly affects this life of Anna and the children of her home:

Josh Duggar was convicted of two counts of possession of a child’s p0rnography.

A former reality star was arrested for these crimes in March.

Over the next few days, weeks, and months, various members of Josh’s infamous statement quoted God, justice, and asked believers to continue praying for them.

But Anna didn’t say anything.

Perhaps for legal purposes-because Anna could have been called a lawyer during her husband’s trial-the public heard none From Anna Dagger to the birth of her seventh child.

Josh Duggar and Anna Dagger

“Meet the little Madison Lily Dagger!” Anna then wrote on November 16th.

Prior to this message, Anna shared an Instagram update on Apil 24 a few days before Josh was detained and her world changed forever.

In the wake of Convicted last ThursdaySome observers thought we might hear from Anna, especially when she thought she was in court every day of her husband’s trial.

always, Anna was found with a smile on her face, Stepped into the building with Josh.

Josh and Anna Dagger get fantasy

According to the onlookers Anna then became stoic After the judge has read the jury’s verdict out loud.

Handcuffed Josh approached her on her way out of court and weptly apologized for his vicious behavior.

From there, we can imagine, Anna went straight home to be with her son and daughter.

Does she ever comment on this scandal? At this time, there is no reliable way to know.

Josh and Anna in court

But for the past few days, starting with Josh’s evil parents, other daggers have actually said.

“The whole test was very disastrous,” Jim Bob and Michelle said in a self-centered statement late last week.

“Today, God’s grace has supported us through the love and prayers of many …

“From now on, I will do everything I can to surround my daughter-in-law Anna and her children with love and support.

Mugshot after Josh Duggar

Added Jill Dagger and Derick Dillard:

“Today was difficult for our family.

“Our mind is directed at victims of child abuse and all kinds of exploitation.

“We are grateful for the efforts of law enforcement agencies.”

Josh Duggar is the worst

Jill and Derrick also mentioned Anna Dagger in their message:

“The children are injured, but his family also suffers from his failure to act.

“Our heart is sensitive to the pain that Josh’s wife Anna and her seven children have already endured and will continue to handle it.

“This trial felt more like a funeral than anything else.”

Josh Duggar is a bad dad

Then on Monday, Joyanna and her husband, Austin, Finally confronted the tragedy themselves.

“Over the past year, as you can imagine, there have been many unanswered questions in our minds about Josh,” Forsythe began.

“We were able to finish the trial to hear our evidence.

“We are grateful to the men and women who have agreed to the verdict of the judicial system and are working tirelessly to protect their children.”

Joy Anna Dagger IG

“Our heart breaks for all CSAM victims,” ​​added Joyanna and Austin with reference to the acronym. Materials on child sexual abuse..

The couple then concludes with another reference to Anna, despite her personal silence on this topic.

We are praying for Anna and her children.

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