Anna Duggar Excoriated Over Support for Josh Duggar: Put Your Kids Before Your Cult!!


As Josh Duggar’s trial continues, Evidence of illness presented in court Everyone is on the edge.

His own cousin, Amy, recently Josh hinted that he should “take it down” Because it is dangerous for children.

Many on social media reflected this feeling and praised many of Amy’s relatives for what they said when they didn’t.

Others go even further-calling Anna for her unforgivable and ongoing support for her shameful husband.

The current trial reveals Josh Duggar’s guilt for downloading and possessing photos and videos of children who have been sexually abused.

The prosecution shared graphic details of the tracked media on Josh’s computer.

Next, Josh’s defense team seems to be trying Josh claims to be surrounded by other pervs, But you may hear it.

Josh and Anna go to court

Legally speaking, Josh is considered “not guilty” for these particular crimes until he is found guilty.

Whether you like it or not, that’s how our legal system works.

However, Josh has not pleaded guilty to this case, but the past crimes of the abusive and corrupt reality star are not a problem.

Dagger, Anna Photo

In 2015, the world learned that Josh was a sexual predator and molested several young girls, including four of his own sisters.

How did the jury hear the testimony in this trial as well? Josh confessed his crime For family and friends of a particular family.

Daggers and their cults seem to think everyone should forgive and forget, but no one seems to disagree with this.

Anna and Josh out of court

It is dangerous to ignore sexual predation and move someone forward as if nothing had happened.

Josh was spared prisons and other types of punishment because his father and cult had been hiding his crimes for years.

Instead of protecting the victims, they protected the monster from the consequences … leading to where we are today.

Josh and Anna Dagger get fantasy

Anna left the court many times during her testimony, but did not stop standing beside Josh.

She arrives with him, holding hands with a man that most people don’t touch with a 10-foot pole.

Anna’s support for Josh has not been shaken, as far as everyone in the public knows, and as it is written in many consistent reports.

Josh and Anna return to court

The world is furious.

Most of the anger is in Josh, Jim Bob, Michelle … but especially Josh.

Others have angered Anna for supporting Josh as a human and for damaging her own children.

Anna Dagger baby photo

Social media users recently commented, “Anna can go herself.”

Another observer said, “She broke her relationship with reality and made her children fail.”

That same individual continued: “Any human being with a fragment of honesty would have done more to protect their children.”

Josh and Anna leave court

“That’s why I’m as angry with her parents as I am with her,” another said.

“Their grandchildren are around the confessed pedophiles, and they keep their fingers on to see if they’re okay,” commenters said.

Anna’s family was also targeted for frustration, not only because Anna was a product of their cult environment.

Josh, Anna Dagger and Fam

“Her brainwashing and nurturing is an explanation, not an excuse,” wrote one very accurately.

Another warned, “She should protect her children, put an end to them.”

That’s true. First and foremost, the job of parents is to protect their children.

Slowback of Anna Dagger and Josh Duggar

Anna openly supported her disgusting husband, appeared in court, and was seen holding his hand despite everything she heard.

She is also reportedly defending him to the point where she is in conflict with his family, believing he is being persecuted.

Why does Anna stand by Josh in public and private?

Photo of Josh Duggar

The first explanation is simple: Anna must do so from her point of view.

She grew up in a toxic and twisted cult, telling her that she is essentially the property of her husband and the vessel for giving birth to his child.

Anna also believes that the marriage vow is not her husband, but an irreparable vow that God is with him no matter what.

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar, counting with 19 children.

We know how the cult treats families whose fathers are imprisoned.

The wife is encouraged not only to visit them, but also to have their children meet their father.

If Josh is convicted and sentenced to decades of imprisonment, as the world wants, Anna is unlikely to leave him or admit his guilt.

Photo of Josh Duggar and Anna

Another explanation is that Anna seems to strongly deny it.

Allegations of political plots and spiritual warfare have been reported to have come out of her mouth for more than half a year.

If she believes she had her husband Surrounded by President Joe Biden Or literally by the actual devil, the evidence and verdict do not shake her.

Anna Dagger, Josh Duggar and Children

Yes, she grew up in a cult, as a social media commentator pointed out. Before she was born, her life was planned and destined.

It is an explanation of her actions and her extreme beliefs.

But cult development is no excuse. Anna is an adult, and she must put her child first. That means leaving Josh and the cult behind.

Anna Duggar Excoriated Over Support for Josh Duggar: Put Your Kids Before Your Cult!! Source link Anna Duggar Excoriated Over Support for Josh Duggar: Put Your Kids Before Your Cult!!

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