Anna Duggar Continues to Visit Skeevy Husband in Jail, Official Records Show


As previously reported, Josh Duggar spent Christmas alone.

Convicted sexual abuse criminal I ate turkey and drank a really strange drink According to sources who claimed to know everything, he remained isolated while in captivity in his cell.

But over the last few weeks, it has become clear that Josh wasn’t really alone that often.


Anna Dagger is constantly visiting her terribly disgusting spouse in prison.

Katie Joy, a well-known and educated Instagram user who runs a Without a Crystal Ball account, said she got a copy of Josh Duggar’s prison visit log a few days ago.

The seven fathers have been in prison in Washington County Detention Center since the jury found him guilty of two charges of possessing child pornography in early December.

As mentioned above, he Recently put in a prison cell From his own safety concerns.

Visit Anna 1

According to the above records, Anna visited Josh 19 times this month … during 9 days.

To be clear, it doesn’t sound like Anna actually went to see Josh during this visit.

Instead, they were done on the video.

Anna seems to be the only member of the Dagger family who spent this kind of virtual time with Josh. Neither his parents nor his siblings are listed in the log.

Visit Anna 12

This jive is what we hear and read online.

Almost all of Josh’s brothers and sisters have issued a statement accusing Josh of (naturally) for illegal acts with small children.

For example, Jinger Duggar Vuolo said, “Thank God for exposing Josh’s actions,” “fearing his soul,” and “hypocrisy,” which brought him “disgrace in the name of Christ.” I called him.

But Anna?

Photographs of Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar

Insiders claimed she believed Josh was innocent.

Yes she not yet Josh believes innocent..

“Anna is still talking [Jim Bob Duggar] When [Michelle Duggar]But many siblings are far apart, “a source who previously told In Touch Weekly added:

“She was angry that some families decided to oppose Josh. It broke her heart.”

Josh and Anna Dagger get fantasy

Meanwhile, Josh will be sentenced to imprisonment someday this spring.

Until then, he stayed at the detention center and was not allowed direct visits.

Josh teeth During the hour of the day he was allowed to make calls through the prison collect call, he was allowed to leave his cell … and his loved ones. that is He was allowed to send him some money in the form of a unique gift package.

What exactly does that mean?

Slowback of Anna Dagger and Josh Duggar

For $ 44, someone can send Josh what the Center calls the “AM Delight Care Pack.”

It consists of a pack of instant coffee, bagels, a dozen pop-tarts, honey buns, donuts and other similar items.

For the same price, someone can give Josh a “Meal Deal Care Pack”.

This includes dill pickles, various ramen, lasagna “pouches”, taco stuffing and fixture “pouches”, and meal types.

Anna Dagger and her terrible husband

But no one has done this for Josh yet.

This memo about Anna concludes for now:

A man who claimed to have worked for Duggars in 2015 at Reddit a while back said observers shouldn’t be fooled by the age of 32.They shouldn’t label her victim..

“”Anna is definitely neither naive nor meek“The former bodyguard told his fellow social media users.

Anna Duggar Continues to Visit Skeevy Husband in Jail, Official Records Show Source link Anna Duggar Continues to Visit Skeevy Husband in Jail, Official Records Show

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