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Angelina Pivarnick Hints at Breakup With Chris Larangeira: Is She Divorced ALREADY?!

Angelina Pivarnick has become an unlikely fan favorite onn Jersey Shore.

No one saw it coming, especially since Angeliners barely participated in the show’s original run, opting to stuff all of her belongings into a Hefty bag and head home whenever one of her roommates got under her skin.

But now, she’s learned how to tough it out, and her ability to defend herself against the frequent barrages of trash-talk from Vinny (and her own bridesmaids!) has earned Pivarnick a new and ever-expanding fan base.

Angelina With Chris

In the first months after Angelina settled down and got hitched to Chris Larangeira, she commented on married life with her signature blend of crass humor and no-holds-barred honesty,

But in recent weeks something strange happened:

Suddenly, Angelina doesn’t want to talk about her marriage at all — and fans are assuming the worst.

Chris & Angelina on the Red CarpetPin

If you watched Thursday’s Jersey Shore season premiere, you know that Angelina didn’t hold back when discussing the challenfes of marriage.

Her housemates aren’t easy to shock, but even they were taken aback when she confessed that her marriage is entirely sexless affair.

“It’s like, we’ll fight, and then whoever starts the fight won’t want to bang,” Angelina said at one point.

Angelina Pivarnick With ChrisPin

“So he don’t want to bang, I don’t want to bang — no one wants to bang.”

In an uncharacteristic display of self-awareness, Pivarnick admitted that she’s not completely blameless:

“I’m not the most perfect wife ever. I yell at him, I’ll belittle him sometimes,” she said.

Angelina Pivarnick, HusbandPin

“I feel like we’re both wrong. But see how I’m admitting it to you? He won’t ever admit that he’s wrong,” Angelina continued.

“I don’t know if we can get the spark back in our relationship, and that’s not a good thing,” she ominously concluded.

 Angelina fueled further speculation when she hinted at marital strife in a recent interview with In Touch.

Chris Larangeira and AngelinaPin

“A lot of things have went down in our relationship,” Pivarnick told the outlet.

“Right now, we’re just living life. That’s all I can say right now … It’s a lot.”

Needless to say, it doesn’t sound like Angelina and Chris are enjoying their honeymoon phase.

Chris Larangeira PhotoPin

“One thing I’ve learned since being married is communication is a big thing in a relationship,” Angelina added.

“If you don’t have that, sometimes s–t hits the fan.”

These comments come on the heels of a series of some strange social media activity from Pivarnick.

Angelina Pivarnick Poses For InstagramPin

Within the span of two weeks, Anglelina went back to using her maiden name on Instagram, deleted all of Chris’ pics, and then deleted her account entirely.

She’s back on the platform now, and her reps claim that she was hacked.

“Angelina’s Instagram might’ve been hacked, but she isn’t sure how exactly it happened,” one source tells In Touch.

Chris LarangeiraPin

“There’s nothing to announce right now [in regards to their relationship]. It’s all speculation.”

“Nothing to announce” isn’t exactly a proclamation of wedded bliss.

If Chris and Angelina are having these problems so soon after tying the knot, they may find it tough to stick together as the years go by — that’s if they’re not separated already.

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