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Andrew Neil highly unlikely to return to GB News

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Veteran presenter Andrew Neil is unlikely to return to GB News, a right-wing British television station. He launched, Said people near the channel.

People said the relationship between the 72-year-old broadcaster and its CEO Angelos Frangoplos had collapsed and Neil wasn’t expected to reappear at the station.The rift GB news Make a series of changes to your schedule. We have already welcomed Nigel Farage, a former leader of the UK Independence Party, as a top presenter.

Insiders said there was long-standing tension among the people on the channel Centre-right Others who are the mainstream alternatives to Sky News and BBC News and are looking for a more radical platform. Further friction is caused by technical defects and other production problems.

Neil left the BBC last year to chair the channel. Channel investors include the US media group Discovery, which introduces Golden Time politics and news programs. Launched in June, GB News promised a roster of programs based on dissidents and personality that would shake the UK’s current affairs.

He was the founding chairman and editor of Rupert Murdoch’s Sky TV in 1988.
The Sunday Times, which later became one of the BBC’s star politics
Presenter. Neil’s central role in the GB News project helped convince
Other respected broadcasters such as Alastair Stewart, Simon McCoy and Neil Oliver will also be attending.

However, the start-up of the station Suffering from problems, Camera mistakes, spelling mistakes, awkward conversations on the screen, etc. Neil took a long break from the slot scheduled two weeks after the launch.

He was expected to return on Monday. However, the Times reported on Friday that he wouldn’t come out next week, and former Sky Anchor Colin Brager, who covered Neil, tweeted that he would announce a scheduled show for his colleague on Monday. This was confirmed by GB News, but did not provide details.

People said that the rift in the upper part of the channel in that direction was so severe that Neil was unlikely to reappear on the channel.

At launch, Neil said GB News would provide an antidote to what he described as the “metropolitan mindset” of other London-based media. At the same time, he also promised that the station would be “guided by the highest journalism standards” and avoid associations with the far right and disinformation.

The station is making other changes. This week, journalist Isabel Oakeshott announced that he will announce a new political program. Briefing PM, Sky’s crime and security specialist, Mark White, was also hired.

Andrew Neil highly unlikely to return to GB News Source link Andrew Neil highly unlikely to return to GB News

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