Analysts warn about used car price cuts that may come in 2022


New report from Automotive News Current Used car price boom He will die in late 2022 and early 2023.

Average using data and analysis from consulting firm KPMG Used car price Returning to normal relationship with new will reduce by about 20-30% Car price.. Of course, this depends on the supply of vehicles, and we believe KPMG will reach equilibrium around October 2022 to 2023.

Even if it takes until the second half of 2022 New car KPMG believes that it will supply to keep up with demand and that used car prices will begin to decline before that. This can happen because KPMG predicts that the market will increase new car supply and reduce used car prices accordingly.

The depression that analysts believe will come will be steep. Used car prices are currently up about 42% on average from January 2020 prices. It’s one huge swing-up and if it comes back, it will have a huge impact.The person who paid the money Secondhand car Covid’s supply price will pay significantly higher for the new value of the car and will soon increase investment. It will hurt.

Other analysts who are much less alert are Automotive News “ Report. For example, Cox Automotive does not expect to reach pre-pandemic supply until 2025, so it believes that used car prices will fall at a much more manageable rate. Used car prices come between January and April 2022 and then slowly fall.

Even KPMG offers several scenarios to replace its key forecasts. It suggests that inflation will continue and prices will remain high indefinitely. And second, the Federal Reserve’s response to inflation has the potential to create some sort of snapback effect and completely curb consumer demand.

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Analysts warn about used car price cuts that may come in 2022

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