Analysis: Initial quality survey of Ram and Dodge and JD Power


It’s been a few months and I had enough time to get used to it, but it still seems wrong.It’s virtually wrong, emotionally wrong, and just error error. What is “it”? This one: Ram and Dodge surpassed the 2021 JD Power Initial Quality Survey ahead of Lexus, Mitsubishi and Nissan...

If someone tells me, “The most reliable new cars you can buy are Rams, Dodge, Lexus (Lexus?), Mitsubishi, and Nissan …”, I don’t know how you will react. but, Me They are Rams, Dodge, Mitsubishi, When Nissan, And threw a Lexus there to give the list credibility.

I don’t go to Brightwork Research when calling JD Power Although a “fake entity,” I say that JDP’s initial quality survey requires more than initial quality, rather than pushing strange brands into the rankings. What to find If you are as interested as I am, keep reading.

I love dodge

Going further, I would like to correct the record before being criticized on the $ TSLA-fueled anti-Mopar agenda. I love Dodge.

My first dealer job was a 90’s Dodge store. I owned and raced some of the first neon ACRs, Dakota and Ram 1500s (all manuals) I got. I am a proud member of Facebook’s FWD Mopar group. And I own several books recording the 1997 North American Touring Car Championship (NATCC). It was won by the best-looking Dodge Stratus ever manufactured.I also Over the last few decades, I’ve endorsed someone who listens to the cause of the Mosler Consulier GTP with a 2.2-liter Mopar engine. I’m “in this” as the kids say, so when Dodge tells you that there’s absolutely no whimsical way to be the best car you can buy, I’m from a place of love and truth Tell you that.

I don’t think good people at JD Power will suffer from mental health problems. myself Cruise cheap Chrysler TC job ads by Maserati or Plymouth Duster 3.0 every other day. So something else is working here, and that’s that “something else” I’m trying to reveal.

Did everything catch up? splendid!

JD Power Award Issues

For those unfamiliar with how JD Power works, the basic idea is that they are research and market research companies. That is, they survey the people who bought your product and share the results of that survey with you. For money. Ah! — And if you want to talk about those consequences, you have to pay them even more.

How much is it? a lot.

“(JD Power) is reported to charge car makers hundreds of thousands of dollars just to access the findings and another high fee for the right to mention the award in the ad.” Report Consumer report (C!). “In addition, they offer separate, equally expensive services that help car companies make improvements that should bring higher praise.”

Did you catch that last part? For car companies such as “TTAC Motor”, you can hire JD Power to send a survey to the person who bought the car. They tell you how your car did in their research, and-at a price-tell you how to get a higher rating.

The only exception to this “pay JD power to investigate people” rule seems to be Tesla. “(Tesla) does not meet the ranking criteria and is not officially ranked among other brands in the survey.” According to the JD Power website.. “Unlike other manufacturers, Tesla does not give JD Power permission to investigate owners.” As a result, the only “Pro Bono” JDP survey? Tesla was ranked last dead in the 2020 Initial Quality Survey..

Sounds pretty legal, doesn’t it?

Oh no — wait. It doesn’t seem to be legal at all!!

Heck, even a typical milke toast writer Consumer report I want to be a little enthusiastic about JD Power. CR Chris Moran quotes what an unnamed JDP executive says, “That is the heart of our success Our clients believe The research should be completely independent. If they feel they can buy a better score, that score becomes worthless. (Emphasis Mine)

Therefore, JD Power seems to have a financial interest in giving credibility awards to unreliable brands. These brands are more likely to pay more to cite JD Power ads in commercials than brands with strong anecdotal evidence of credibility. This also seems to apply to brands that performed poorly in previous JDP surveys and hired JDP consultants to get better results in future JDP surveys.

You know-and that’s just problem 1.

Problem 2 is how JD Power ranks the cars under investigation. In 2011 *, Raffi Festekjian, director of automotive product research at the company, said: Explained to Car and driver That, “The initial quality survey was designed to understand that the vehicle” had a problem “. Each of them is labeled “Problem” and may be either a “vehicle assembly defect or a design problem”. Failures may be due to poorly assembled door panels or loose electrical connections, but design issues are something that customers don’t like. For example, the stem of a multifunctional cruise control. Even if the item is working as intended.. (Repeat, my emphasis)

On the surface it sounds fine, but even a little digging will make the water turbid again.

“We don’t make judgments about these answers,” says Festecian. “We simply report the voice of our customers.”

This means that JDP could probably regain the investigation that “speech recognition doesn’t work” and give the carmaker a “problem” that the “problem” may not be in the car (Siri / Alexa). Is working), or it may not be a problem at all (user error /Stupidity).

How Dodge and RAM are at the top

After all, JD Power is unlikely to lie about their findings. Perhaps more likely, not all model buyers will be investigated, and JDP’s will be on a small number of models where automakers have gamed the system, have enthusiastic support, and offer older ones. It is mathematically easy to generate a positive response by focusing the survey (: more familiar) infotainment and technology suites, and specifically targeting specific known JDP survey questions. By training the dealer to do. The fact that the above car makers haven’t worked in past studies and / or may have paid a lot of money to rank higher may or may not be related to it. not.

The LX platform on which Dodge builds chargers has its roots in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class of the 1990s, which we checked last time. Similarly, the car’s UConnect system is very similar to the last Dodge Dart infotainment system I drove in 2015, so repeating Dodge’s customers is probably pretty familiar ().Ed.Note – Stellantis is slowly announcing new Uconnect across brands, but it may be premature to impact JD Power’s results.). And do you know who really really likes to talk about how great the Dodge Charger is? Dodge Charger Owner.. A quick Google search for Lamb’s interior reveals a similar visual familiarity (anyway, in my eyes).With all this in mind, Dodge makes it even more weird. did not do it It ranks high on IQS … It’s a shame that these things have nothing to do with actual quality.

But that’s my view. You are the best and the brightest, so I’m sure you will point out any flaws in my thinking. Let’s see!

  • Cheerfully, Dodge finally died just behind Mitsubishi in the JDP Initial Quality Survey that year.

[Image: Dodge/Stellantis]

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Analysis: Initial quality survey of Ram and Dodge and JD Power

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