An SUV you can get for less than $ 50,000


A good SUV doesn’t have to cost you more than $ 50,000. Some of the most efficient and stylish models can be purchased well below that marker. Buying a cheaper SUV with as many perks as more luxurious options can save you thousands of dollars to spend on your road trip adventure. Here’s some useful information about SUVs starting at under $ 50,000 and 10 SUVs:

What is an SUV?

In a nutshell, SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) usually have a higher seating position than a car and sit off the ground. Most SUVs provide all-wheel drive and ample space for additional passengers or storage.

Historically, SUVs were intended to be able to drive on rugged terrain and carry supplies and cargo, especially in military operations. But as the automobile industry evolved, and along with it, the car itself described the infamous “SUV” and even coined the term “crossover” to rename it. Crossovers are passenger cars that have the same functionality as SUVs, and these terms are now virtually interchangeable.

10 best SUVs under $ 50,000

With the growing popularity, efficiency and style of SUVs, it’s no wonder there are plenty of affordable options. Here are some of the 10 best SUVs with a starting price of less than $ 50,000:

1. Hyundai Kona: $ 21,685

NS Hyundai Kona Subcompact Crossover Is more than just a style item, you can choose between crisp handling and a standard 4-cylinder or Gachie turbocharged engine. Kona’s interior features comfortable trim and comfort for up to four adults, but the cargo space and backseat headroom aren’t as large as their slightly larger rivals. Despite having an average fuel economy rating of its class, the little Hyundai was impressed during our actual highway test where the most saved version returned 33mpg. The base model starts at just under $ 22,000, but you’ll get a nearly loaded Limited model that starts at just under 30 grounds.

                          2. Mazda CX-30: $ 23,224

                                      NS Subcompact Mazda CX-30 Is either an SUV for car folks or a car for SUV folks, but in any case its classy look and fun nature of driving make it one of our favorites. Impressive technology is standard equipment, both in terms of connectivity and active safety features. It also has a handsome and crafted interior. Equipped with a perky 4-cylinder engine or a more spicy turbocharged option, the CX-30 evokes the brand’s renowned enthusiasts. The fuel economy estimates are unobtrusive, but the all-wheel drive model tested on a 75 mph real-world route matched the 31 mpg highway rating. Spend more money on Select trim levels. This adds more desirable features, starting at $ 25,225.

                                      3. Mazda CX-5: $ 26,65

                                      NS Mazda CX-5 Thanks to its many transcendental features, it is taller than all other compact crossovers. Not only does it boast a beautifully carved bodywork, its cabin is as comfortable as it looks. The CX-5 is fun to drive and is very sophisticated due to its price tag. Its standard 4-cylinder engine lacks the turbo 4 punch available, but at least they are both more fuel efficient than their estimates suggest. The all-wheel drive turbocharged model we tested on the actual highway route outperformed the EPA by 3mpg. While there are more practical options, especially when it comes to cargo space, no other compact SUV can match Mazda’s elegance and many satisfying elements. We chose the turbo trim level. This best shows the CX-5, which costs about $ 37,000.

                                      4. Volvo XC40: $ 34,795

                                      NS Volvo XC40 A luxury subcompact crossover that demonstrates its eccentric personality without significantly deviating from the brand’s core values. The interior is comfortable and surprisingly spacious for its size and clearly enjoys the Swedish atmosphere. The infotainment system operates via a vertical 9.0-inch touch screen. The XC40 is offered with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, but the more powerful version provides better thrust.There is also All electric charging modelHowever, it exceeds the $ 50,000 threshold. Don’t expect the gas-powered XC40 to be even more fuel efficient. The all-wheel drive version we tested on the actual highway route returned an unobtrusive 29mpg. I like the mid-level R-Design trim that comes with a turbo engine and all-wheel drive at around 40 grounds.

                                      5. Volkswagen Tiguan: $ 27,190

                                      NS Volkswagen Tiguan The stylish appearance and sophisticated driving manners create a unique European atmosphere. Even if the standard turbocharged powertrain isn’t that fast, it’s sporty and fun to drive. However, the city is full of energy. The Tiguan interior is simple and functional and is one of the only compact crossovers that offers a third row. The family is warned, it’s not that big. The VW SUV has trendy technology features and a decent fuel economy rating. To maximize its value, stick near the bottom of the lineup and choose SE trim. That’s only a few thousand dollars higher than the base model, which starts at $ 27,190.

                                      6. Ford Bronco: $ 29,995

                                      NS Ford Bronco Isn’t the most sophisticated medium-sized SUV, but it’s a small price to pay for its retro design and off-road ruggedness. Even with the ability to remove doors and roofs and crawl through rocks and mud, Bronco drives surprisingly smoothly on most roads. This is more than we can say. Jeep Wrangler.. Both the standard Turbo 4 and the Twin Turbo V-6 are powerful engines, and the 4-pot can be combined with the manual, so you don’t have to worry too much about Ford’s lack of a V-8. Bronco is available with a myriad of driver assists, and the 12.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system looks smooth. Get the Wildtrak trim level 4-door stuff with the desired off-road equipment and a starting price of $ 48,475.

                                      7. Kia Telluride: $ 41,995

                                      NS Kia Telluride It transcends the belief that affordability is often offset by frugality, thanks to the extravagant quality and absolute bargain prices of medium-sized three-row SUVs. It has all the beliefs of a great family carrier, including modern features and ample passenger space. Its one-size-fits-all V-6 powertrain is strong and smooth, with a satisfying balance of ride quality and handling. In pumps, Telluride isn’t the most fuel-efficient SUV in its class, but it has traction of up to 5,000 pounds. Its interior is undeniably upscale, with ample storage space for up to eight seats. It’s not too shocking that Kia created such an incredible SUV, which means that even a fully loaded model costs less than $ 50,000.

                                      8. Genesis GV70: $ 42,045

                                      NS Genesis GV70 A sporty and luxurious compact crossover, thanks to gutsy engine options, a stunningly athletic chassis, and a high-end interior. However, the choice between the standard turbo 4-stroke engine and the optional twin-turbo V6 will partially determine whether the starting price will stay below $ 50,000. Still, even smaller engines can meet most speed needs and get higher fuel economy ratings. The GV70’s cabin has a bold design, but most people enjoy its rich quality. Not very impressive is the ute backseat room. Genesis G70 sedanHowever, it is not a top compared to other compact luxury crossovers. What makes the GV70 superior to its classmates is its unique style and excellent execution ability.

                                      9. BMW X3: $ 44,695

                                      Branded sports sedans don’t offer the driving thrills of the past, BMW X3 A compact luxury SUV that is fun to drive and more practical 3 series.. The X3 comes with either a Turbo 4-cylinder or a Turbo 6, the latter reserved for the more spicy M40i model. If you’re looking for a more extroverted look, it’s more expensive, but thank you for being mechanically identical. BMW X4 And the roofline like that couple. The interior of the X3 is neatly arranged and features a comfortable and highly adjustable front seat. The SUV’s cargo space and fuel economy aren’t particularly impressive, but if you choose a larger motor, the pump has only a small penalty. Even entry-level models are well-equipped with a starting price of $ 44,695. Adding all-wheel drive costs an additional $ 2000.

                                      10. Genesis GV90: $ 49,945

                                      NS Genesis GV90 Is a full-fledged luxury SUV with unique bodywork, nice interior, and ride quality and handling that will delight members of the royal family. The GV90 competes with mid-sizars with premium pedigrees such as: BMW X5 When Mercedes Benz GLE Class.. However, the price of Genesis is much cheaper than the Germans, so Genesis feels twice as much. The GV90 comes with a turbocharged 4-cylinder or twin-turbo V-6, the latter of which is more than a $ 50,000 bogey. In fact, the only way to keep prices below that level is to stick to an entry-level model. However, all GV90s are good for driving and have a number of standard features such as a 14.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a range of driver assists, so it’s okay.

                                      You see, finding an affordable SUV is easier than you might think. By spending time researching, you can find the one that meets your needs while keeping the price range low enough.

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                    An SUV you can get for less than $ 50,000

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