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    Amy Duggar: I Had No Idea My Family Was So Creepy Because They’re Liars, Too!

    Wasn’t this a great year for Dagger?

    That’s fine because many of them are really terrible people.

    But the biggest problem the family faced this year was, of course, the arrest of Josh Duggar.

    This spring Josh was charged with two counts One of the Department of Homeland Security agents investigating him said, “I received and possessed child pornography, and apparently the specific material he had was so disturbing. Worst worst top 5 What I had to find out so far. “

    Things have been going pretty slowly since the arrest-he spent a few days in jail before the judge agreed. Keep him in the house of a family friend By the provision that he is not allowed without supervision around minors.

    Josh Duggar is the worst

    In June, the trial was postponed at the request of Josh’s legal team. The legal team, Josh is innocent, Was actually assembled..

    Of course, that’s ridiculous, but the judge agreed. So, for the past few months, I’ve been hearing about evidence, such as what allows judges to participate in trials and what doesn’t.

    But finally, Josh’s trials are all set to start next week, so there was a lot of new interest in the whole stupid story.

    That’s why I think Josh’s cousin and Jim Bob’s niece Amy Dagger decided to talk about the situation again.

    Amy Dagger Selfie Shot

    Amy’s mother was Jim Bob’s sister, and her immediate family never shared the extreme beliefs of her uncle and cousin. As a result, she never approached them.

    She’s pretty friendly with some of the older girls, especially Jill, but over the past few years she’s been moving further away from the more problematic beliefs of Jim Bob and his family.

    Since Josh was arrested, she became clearer about breaking relationships with some members of the family. Cut out toxic people, Even relatives, and how important it is Protect your child from abuse..

    Another reason she did with his clan Jim Bob is that they are a bunch of rotten liars, as explained in a series of tweets she shared earlier this week.

    Jim Bob and Michelle Dagger: Photo

    She started tweeting with reference to the following facts: Josh molested five young girlsA few years ago, including four of his own sisters, he wrote, “I didn’t do anything about it … because I didn’t know.”

    “Many years ago, when I asked where a particular individual was, he was told that it was a camp helping the organization build a house.”

    “I just want to explain that I was kept away from what was happening,” she continued. “I didn’t know that abuse was happening.”

    “He wanted to go to this camp and help people just because he wanted to do good deeds,” he said.

    Amy Dagger King Selfie

    But he didn’t-when the family knew what Josh was doing, he didn’t get any real help and instead sent him out to build with his family friends. I checked it many times.

    Amy used the hashtags “deceived” and “lied over and over again”. This clearly shows that honesty is not one of Dagger’s strong proceedings.

    “I’m just setting another record,” she said. “My followers felt worthy of the truth. I will remain honest with everyone.”

    She also said, “My mother also lied and never told the truth over and over again.”

    Amy Dagger in a sun hat

    “The division you are seeing now has been going on for a long time, it wasn’t a sudden decision,” she ended.

    I can’t imagine anyone disagreeing with Amy’s decision to move away from the rotten branches of the family tree. Nor is it a distant surprise that Jim Bob and Michelle lie about Josh’s deviant method.

    Still, it’s good to see her taking such a strong position against them, right?

    Amy Duggar: I Had No Idea My Family Was So Creepy Because They’re Liars, Too! Source link Amy Duggar: I Had No Idea My Family Was So Creepy Because They’re Liars, Too!

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