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    Amber Portwood: Playing the Victim and Denying Andrew Glennon Assault in New Book?!

    Amberportwood has many problems.

    And she’s free to admit it-very free to write the book “So, You’re Crazy Too?”, Which will be released in February.

    But while she’s been open for a long time How hard she is in mental health, Even if those mistakes are huge and terrible, it’s not so fast for her to admit it when she makes a mistake.

    It’s really disappointing because she has a very big platform and could do a lot to raise awareness about her particular mental illness, but instead she makes excuses and her really Pretend to do it while blaming others for their sad behavior.

    So when we heard it She is writing a book Especially when it comes to mental illness, it didn’t suit us very well.

    And after seeing comments from her co-author, Thea de Sousa, it’s no exaggeration to say that we’re right to worry.

    Amber book

    Amber announced the release of the book, and after she did, Shiite posted about it on her own Instagram page, and some people felt that they needed to share with her many thoughts. Had

    One commented, “She is an abusive person. Literally, while hugging her baby, she tried to attack her child’s father with a machete. Why do you work with her?”

    That’s a fair question-we all know that amber is abusing her romantic partner.Her preference for domestic violence along with parenting is two things Get the most criticism of herAnd, of course, that’s the case.

    Machete caseIt happened on July 4, 2019, when Amber was still dating Andrew Glenon and raising his son James, for a quick review.

    Amber, James, Andrew

    They encountered some road construction on their way to see the fireworks, Amber was angry about it, and she took it out to Andrew. She hit him with shoes when they got home (and she admitted that part), and Andrew said she tried to overdose one of her medicines, and he He also claimed to have tried to break the door in the machete while he was hiding from her with James (she always denies the machete’s).

    She was arrested and eventually pleaded guilty to domestic assault and intimidation felony.She has 5 years of probation Andrew was given custody of James..

    After a while, someone close to the situation leaked some audio recordings Amber that verbally abuses AndrewShe told him she was going to kill him and even admitted that she had hit her nose once.

    Teen Mom OG Andrew Glennon

    Interestingly, one of the recordings took place on the night of Amber’s arrest, in which Andrew was able to hear her asking if she was taking out the machete. She confirmed -I also heard her hacking the door with something.

    A photo of the giant slash mark on the door of her house has also been released.

    Keep all that in mind while considering Shia’s reply to the comment why she wants to work with someone like Amber.

    “Well, that never happened,” Shia wrote. “I didn’t have you. It was a flip-flop on the door after I got home at 2:30 am with my two-year-old son.”

    OG amber

    “Don’t believe everything you read in the press. Every story has two sides and it’s a great honor to help her tell her story. She’s the most misunderstood in the world. Is one of the celebrities who are. “

    “I promise to blame the person who actually did it first,” she continued. “It didn’t happen.”

    So … was the door mark from the flip flop? Was the noise generated by the recording the sound of flip-flops knocking on the door?

    Amber door 1

    It’s also worth mentioning that Andrew didn’t put out “her son” so late, as James is also his son, and that Amber came out because he jumped out of the handle and hit Andrew with his shoes. Amber himself admitted..

    But ol’Thea really had to double this nonsense.

    “It was shoes, not you,” she insisted. “It’s flip-flops with small heels, leaving a small mark on the heels. I met this girl last year. You would be shocked if you could elaborate on what happened that night. “

    “Any parent would have tried to knock down the door,” she said. “He had a son. It was midnight. He was not in a normal state of mind. Put her son to sleep.”

    Amber portwood plays it cool

    Again, should we believe he was also Andrew’s son and she was trying to knock down the door on a flip flop?

    Shiite admitted that Amber had her problems, but “everyone was wrong about that night and it broke my heart for her.”

    She said she jointly legally custody both children, but only visits James every other weekend because “that’s all she can handle because of her disability.” .. This is a change from the original visit schedule. Amber unsupervised visits three times a week.

    I don’t know why she revealed this, but it’s definitely interesting, isn’t it?

    Teen Mom OG Season 9 Amber Portwood

    Shiites also claimed that amber had been calm for five years. Andrew (and many teen mom fans) are clearly against, And she is doing her best.

    “No one is perfect and she’s far from it, but you’re all wrong with her,” she wrote.

    Amber and Andrew Still fighting for James’ custody So she said Amber can’t say much about this for now, “But if she can tell you the details of the night, you may change your mind about her. I do not think”.

    To be honest, it probably isn’t.

    Amber portwood reaction

    The history of amber domestic violence and her incredibly short temper have been well documented for years. It seems that Andrew’s story was probably quite accurate, along with those recordings and a photo of the door after Amber finished it, and of course the fact that Amber pleaded guilty to her charges.

    But all this feels like a decent preview of what the book will look like. Excuse after excuse and vague denial of serious misconduct.

    Are you going to read it?

    Amber Portwood: Playing the Victim and Denying Andrew Glennon Assault in New Book?! Source link Amber Portwood: Playing the Victim and Denying Andrew Glennon Assault in New Book?!

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