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    Amber Portwood: I Don’t Like Spending Time With My Kids, But That Doesn’t Make Me a Bad Mom!

    Amber portwood can be a difficult person to defend.

    Many brushes against Amber’s law, and her tendency to document her meltdown on social media, means that her worst urges are often fully visible.

    For Portwood’s fans, assuming such people exist, that might be part of the attraction.

    But most seem to be Teen Mom OG Viewers MTV did not fire amber After she attacked Andrew Glennon in a machete.

    Of course, there are two sides to every story, and despite her 12 years on reality television, Amber says she didn’t really have the opportunity to offer her version of the event.

    So now she’s setting a straight record with a title memoir So are you crazy too?

    Well, that title may make you believe that Amber is clean and ready to speak openly about many and many ways she has ruined her life.

    Amber Portwood is an OG

    But based on the latest social media activities by Amber co-author Thea de Sousa, the book consists of claiming that Amber has doubled and has never done anything wrong in life. It’s more likely.

    Now that Thea has a book to promote, you’ll think Thea is trying to foster a positive relationship with Teen Mom fans.

    Instead, she continues to attack, replying to almost every mild negative comment that appears on her Instagram account within the days after the book deal was announced.

    OG amber

    And some of what Shia said in her new friend’s defense helped make amber even worse in the eyes of her critics.

    For example, one pointed out that amber does not seem to have much to do with his son James.

    And when fans picked it up in an Instagram comment, deSousa offered a very weird defense.

    Amber Portwood makes a call

    “She visits with her son every other week, and that’s all she can handle because of her disability,” Shia wrote.

    “She has joint custody of both children … [she is] Really trying to make a good life for myself and her children. No one is perfect and she’s far from it, but you’re all wrong with her. “

    Problem of Arrest of amber on suspicion of domestic violence Shiite also defended the co-author with a strange counterargument.

    Amber Portwood had a serious relationship with a female

    “It never happened,” wrote de Sousa. according to Ashley’s Reality Summary..

    “There was no one. It was a door flip-flop after he got home with his two-year-old son at 2:30 am. Don’t believe everything you read in the press.” Told.

    “She is one of the most misunderstood celebrities in the world,” Shia claimed.

    Amber is very angry

    “I promise to be one of the first to blame the person who actually did it. It didn’t happen.”

    Yes, even without Shia Amber (reportedly) attacked Andrew Glennon, She claims to know more about the situation than anyone else.

    Happily, Shiite claims that Amber did not attack Andrew with a knife, but with a flip-flop.

    Amber Portwood lost his way

    “It was shoes, not you. It was flip-flops with small heels, and the heels had small marks. [on the door to the room Andrew and James were in]… any parent would have tried to knock down the door-he had a son, “she wrote.

    “It was midnight. He-wasn’t in a normal state of mind … she wasn’t trying to hurt anyone,” Shia continued.

    “Amber picked up about an inch of thick heeled sandals and hit his shoulders, causing pain and redness, and minor abrasions.”

    Amber defense

    As many believers have pointed out, the evidence seems to suggest that this is not the case.

    And because the evidence includes an affidavit of probable cause obtained by Ashley Back in 2019, we’ll go limbs and suggest that the police account in the case is a bit more reliable than Amber’s account.

    “She has a scabbard machete,” said the affidavit.

    Amber portwood in the arms

    “Amber picks up the machete, unsheaths it, and sees Andrew roaming around the bed, he sees. [the baby] I entered the office, closed the door, put my foot on it and kept it closed. “

    Oh yeah, Shia is a little out of her depth about this.

    But hey, at least she tells potential buyers in advance that amber books will be full of lies.

    Amber Portwood: I Don’t Like Spending Time With My Kids, But That Doesn’t Make Me a Bad Mom! Source link Amber Portwood: I Don’t Like Spending Time With My Kids, But That Doesn’t Make Me a Bad Mom!

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