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    Amber Portwood: I Abandoned My Kids Because I’m a DAMN GOOD MOM!

    Amber Portwood has so many problems, as we all now know very well.

    Mental health issues, relationships issues, legal issues …

    The list really goes on.

    Amber suffers at so many levels that I rarely talk to anyone else in the Teen Mom OG segment. And I saw a lot of evidence during this season.

    Much of her screen time Difficulty connecting with her daughterAfter skipping visit time for years, Lear, generally not making her a life priority.

    Lear lives with her father and Amber’s ex-Gary Shirley, and Gary’s wife Christina does most of Lear’s mother. This is what Leah himself admits.

    Kristina Shirley, Emilee Shirley, Leah Shirley for Mother

    Amber seemed really struggling to accept it, so instead of accepting it she just Providing a lot of excuses And I hope at least some of them stick.

    This week, MTV aired the finale of the Teen Mom OG season, which was pretty much the same for this girl, except that the venue changed a bit …

    … this time, Amber took Gary to an appointment with a psychiatrist!

    She said in a narration that she wanted to take him to an appointment because “I want to have a better relationship with Leah, so I need Gary to understand my mental illness.”

    Gary Shirley is trying to do the right thing

    In a real session, she told the doctor, “He was always a little skeptical of some of my mental illnesses, so he wanted me to be there, so the best I can do is to you and him. I thought it was to let you know. “

    Gary’s main goal is Become good at co-parenting with amberBut he wanted to understand more as well.

    Her doctor said that Amber’s main diagnosis is “confused” with borderline personality disorder, “the main problem is the fear of abandonment,” and because other people don’t know what to expect from her. I explained that I have a sexual disorder.

    Amber and Gary under treatment

    He asked Gary if there were any changes in Amber recently, and Gary said she wasn’t so angry lately, but he brought up his problem on her Instagram live, it’s that’s right Where she gets much of that anger When popping up.

    “Her Instagram posts, videos, whether for fans or us, see it and she doesn’t want it,” he said. “What’s happening is that some of her friends are also looking at it, and when they see it, it’s embarrassing for Leah.”

    MTV has edited some footage from them in case we forget those posts. Christina does nothing for LeahThis is honestly ridiculous and a good example of why Leah doesn’t like such posts.

    Amber said, “I had a really terrible manic episode, and you’ve had a mania for a few weeks, and you talk a lot, and you just feel terrible after that.” rice field.

    Amber under treatment

    “When you get off, it’s like,’Oh, how can I fix this? Can I fix this?’. How would you explain it to your 12-year-old kid?”

    She said she gave her manager control over her Instagram, but she’s definitely posting on her social media, so I’m not sure about that. She shouted that she was being portrayed unjustly.

    At another point in the session, Amber said, “Many people like me burn the bridge from side to side and don’t want to do it with Leah. She didn’t mean to do that. I think you really feel abandoned. “

    “I also don’t think she understands that much of what I did was for her.”

    Leah Shirley doesn

    When asked what she meant, she was moving away from Leah to protect herself, and if she was around more, Leah said, “I’ll be another kid.”

    She went on to say, “Gary never wanted to pick her up because of a man. He was really trying to make up and couldn’t cover it, so it’s nice on his face. I suffered a bruise. “”

    “I need to call and make up for a really silly excuse that Gary will be like’OK’. I thought I was protecting her, but at the same time, I was told that I was able to leave a certain person behind. It was really hard. “

    She didn’t provide any more details about it, but we know it She claimed to have been abused During her farewell to Matt Bayer, the co-author of her new book said: We do not know the truth About the night she was arrested for assaulting Andrew Glennon.

    Amber Portwood Teen Mama Photo

    I also know she dated a pretty sketchy guy besides these two, so it’s hard to say exactly who she’s trying to blame here.

    In the end, Amber’s psychiatrist told Gary that it was good for Leah to be treated herself and that she might be able to work on family therapy a little later.

    Gary said he was “open” to the idea that Lear would be treated, “as long as you are diagnosed, you can at least know what your two disorders are and understand a little more about it. I’m here, “he told Amber.

    He also told her that she had previously thought she used her mental illness “as an excuse”, but it was beneficial for him to hear the doctor discuss it all.

    Gary Shirley is having a conversation

    That’s terrible to unpack, right?

    We know that Amber had some terrible boyfriends, and she knows they’re terrible-it’s no big surprise if any of them abuse her. And there is no excuse for it, or towards them that she is abusive.

    But we also saw a lot of footage of amber without bruises on her face making excuses for why she didn’t want to see the kids, and in court documents we said she was raining I found out that I skipped a visit with her son once because it was raining, and that was when she was single.

    Everyone knows she suffers from a severe mental illness, but there are thousands of people who suffer as much as they do not treat people like Amber.

    Amber Portwood talks with producer

    Do you think she will own what she has done?

    Amber Portwood: I Abandoned My Kids Because I’m a DAMN GOOD MOM! Source link Amber Portwood: I Abandoned My Kids Because I’m a DAMN GOOD MOM!

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