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    Amber Portwood Breaks Down Over Drug Abuse Claims: I Don’t Deserve This!

    The amber portwood became tears.

    And she doesn’t think it’s fair.

    Never. It’s not in any shape. It is not in any form.

    On Thursday night, Teen Mom OG star tried to catch up with her followers on Instagram Live.

    But towards the end of her traffic, Portwood could no longer accept it.

    She collapsed as a result of a court allegation by former boyfriend Andrew Glennon regarding her alleged history of substance abuse.

    Her claim recently History, according to Glennon, who submitted a recent legal document Portwood claimed to be smoking stimulants Recently, she cites an example of strange behavior during the exchange of James, the young son of a former couple.

    Amber Portwood makes a phone call

    During the exchange of 3-year-olds on October 16, Glennon said in these documents that MTV’s personality “behaved irregularly, spoke desperately, and appeared completely delusional and disturbed.” ..

    Why did Glennon attribute these supposed behaviors to substance abuse?

    Glennon said, “I had previously witnessed amber under the influence of illegal drugs, especially methamphetamine,” so there is reason to believe she is working on it again.

    Glennon added in his dissertation that Portwood’s actions on October 16 were “substantially similar to the actions he had previously witnessed.”

    Amber Portwood The OG

    Portwood’s legal team strongly denied These claims in the official legal response-and now Amber has addressed them on social media.

    “I did everything to do better, and I didn’t do anything worth it, at least not today.”

    After the amber began to cry, Kairin Raleigh actually chimed.

    “I miss you! The four mothers seemed unaware of what was happening in Portwood and commented.

    Amber is very angry

    After witnessing the pain apparently suffering from her fellow MTV personality, Raleigh added:

    “Yes, I don’t know what’s going on. I’m worried I can’t get in touch. But send love to Amber.”

    Of course, what’s happening is that Portwood was arrested for domestic violence in July 2019 and has been fighting Glenon for custody of his son ever since.

    The court battle has also become quite ugly these days.

    Amber Portwood lost his way

    Amber issued a formal response a few days after Glennon submitted the aforementioned documents and requested Portwood to undergo a hair follicle test.

    “The mother used her child-rearing time with the children of the parties without any incidents of substance abuse of any kind,” she read an official response from her lawyer.

    Through her lawyer, the two mothers explained that she was still on probation from arrest and had to be randomly submitted to a monthly drug test.

    She has never failed any of these tests.

    Amber Portwood celebrates

    Portwood urged the court to deny Glennon’s request and concluded her official response by writing:

    The mother categorically denied the allegations made in her father’s motion and believed that hair follicle testing was unnecessary due to her history of negative drug screening and the ongoing requirements for submitting it. increase.

    The mother further states that the father’s movements are just another attempt to portray her in a negative way.

    The mother makes sure that she is not using any substances, except for prescription medications that she has taken within her range of treatment.

    Amber Portwood celebrates in Season 9B

    Meanwhile, to conclude this week’s Instagram Live session, Amber tried to hold back tears and told listeners:

    “All I’ve done is work on myself and try to be a better person, and I’m attacked for no reason …

    “I did something to make myself alive today, to make myself better, and I’m attacked for it.

    “You don’t have a clue as to what’s happening behind the scenes and what I had to experience …

    “Every time I come here to talk to my fans, I go crazy.”

    Amber Portwood teen mom OG image

    Amber writes in an Instagram post that he is trying to maintain a positive attitude after a breakdown during an IG live.

    “I have a lot of mothers who are embarrassed or not perfect because of the past. It’s really painful to hear these stories and the hatred they face.

    “Many of us want to grow and succeed for ourselves and our families.

    “My tears are real and raw, with rough edges and not embarrassing!

    “No one is perfect. If you are a strong woman who is doing her best than keeping you moving. Sometimes you can cry.”

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