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    Amazon launches home-patrolling robot Astro

    Amazon has announced an autonomous robot designed to patrol homes. This is part of a range of new technology products that may issue warnings. Digital privacy Supporter.

    A nearly knee-high robot named Astro was created by Dave Limp, Technology Group’s device chief. Artificial intelligence..

    The robot can be sent to a specific location in the house, the periscope camera can rise from the top of the device, shoot to eye level, and track the user while the user is making a video call.

    “We needed to leverage AI in so many new ways, such as using deep neural learning to map anchor points across the home and building new dynamics. [simultaneous localisation and mapping] An algorithm that is constantly updated, “says Limp.

    Astro, which has been in development for the past four years, costs $ 999 and will ship to a limited number of customers later this year, Limp said. During a streaming event on Tuesday morning, he demonstrated by requesting a beatbox from Astro on stage.

    The touch screen on the front of the astro shows two large cartoon eyes as a way to make it look more familiar, engineers said in a promotional video. “Within five to ten years, we believe that every home will have at least one robot that is at the core of everyday life,” says Limp.

    Ben Wood of CCS Insight, a technology research group, said: Amazon For products, there is no doubt that astro robots will be lightning rods in privacy discussions. But in the end, consumers need to decide whether to bring this type of technology to their homes. This product is a Lithomas test for convenience and privacy. “

    Matthew Guariglia, a policy analyst at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital civil liberty group, said consumers would hesitate to invite Amazon robots to their homes.

    “If someone always wanted an iPad with wheels that could roll around your home, this device might be interesting to them, but consumers are really aware of the risks of privacy. I think it’s more so now than it was a few years ago, “he said.

    According to Amazon, Astro has built-in privacy features such as an “out of range” zone where the robot is not allowed to move, and an “unobtrusive” mode that limits the amount of robot movement at a particular time. ..

    Astro integrates with Amazon’s Ring home security system. The system also includes an indoor drone that can fly around the house, first announced last year but not yet widely released.

    As part of a ring system update announced Tuesday, Amazon will allow remote workers to access their customers’ live feeds from home and assess the following risks: $ 99 / month “Virtual Security” Announced to launch “Guard” service. invader.

    The company sought to fend off the onslaught of privacy concerns that resulted from updates, such as small video chat devices for children and wall-mounted versions of the Echo devices that could change from person to person. Look at that.

    Amazon emphasizes that such features may be disabled, and the custom-built computer chip AZ1 allows it to process voice instructions on the device without having to send it to a server. Said it would be.

    The company faced sharp criticism of privacy practices in the past when it was reported that staff were listening to recording fragments to improve the technology behind it.

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