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    Amazon has your future mapped out: Are you ready for it?

    Astro is just one of Amazon’s most experimental products to launch this year.


    My kid is talking to his British grandmother on a tower-shaped screen sitting at a kitchen table while playing a game projected on the surface. Grandma laughs and stares. I’m busy stroking a robot dog, but it’s scooped up to tell me that someone is in the backyard. Meanwhile, my phone shows me a feed in my living room from a flying camera drone floating there. That is my future science fiction vision that Amazon has unveiled. Autumn hardware event, And it’s coming this year. But it’s also very familiar … it has a ring.

    Amazon’s future pipeline seems to be rolling out at a very fast pace, all in the form of experimental opt-in invitation-only products. NS $ 1,000 Astro RobotBy the end of the year, the marquee piece of future technology will arrive.But don’t forget that $ 250 Hovering home camera drone It can zoom the room in your home and automatically dock itself when it’s done, or Amazon glow, SmartScreen-meets-projected-virtual-tablet.

    Look at this:

    Amazon announces house robot “Atom” and new ring Alexa …


    You probably soon noticed that the Kindle was directed to the opening of Ready Player One at the beginning of Amazon’s September product event. Or Gregg Zehr, President of Amazon’s focus on hardware and product innovation Lab126“The problem was that we shouldn’t have built it, but why not?” Later in the video presentation.

    “This is our first robot, not our last one,” Zehr adds later.

    In fact, Amazon couldn’t help but refer to the inevitable sequel. “Astro 2 will become smarter and more functional over time,” said Dave Limp, Amazon’s SVP of Devices and Services.

    Science fiction is clearly a breakthrough point in Amazon’s next wave of product ideas. “We’re embracing science fiction and making it happen,” said Suri Maddhula, software director at Amazon’s Astro. The ReadyPlayer One reference at the start of the Amazon event rang a very familiar bell because the book was a reference point for similar science fiction on Facebook and Oculus. VR execution..


    The Ring Always Home Cam drone docks and takes off in the house.


    The atmosphere of these products in bold and perhaps over-experimented can cause dystopia very quickly. Or Jurassic Park: Move fast and create the future.After all, why Was not The question “Should we build it?” Based on what Amazon’s Astro Designer said, the clear belief is that robots are coming regardless. And certainly, there are already many domestic robots with similar ambitions, room scanning, and telepresence capabilities. Maybe nothing is as sophisticated as Astro, and nothing is well thought out.But like that long still in progress VR evolution, The future has been there for a while.

    How do you feel about the beta versions of these opt-in products? The chance to buy an Astro robot is by invitation only. Same as Amazon Glow or Ring Always Home Come Drone. This is a way for Amazon to roll out future products and publicly test them before they may be released to the general public later. Hello fitness bandOr that Echo frame Glasses, or their Echo loop Smart rings, even the original echo.

    I signed up for a chance to buy a drone and felt something unknown. The survey asked if there were chandeliers, high ceilings, narrow doors, or floors of different colors. do you have kids? I wondered: What part of my life can cause complications?

    But I’m worried that Amazon’s ambitions are clearly even more pervasive, relying on networks of cameras, microphones, and sensors everywhere to collect information and relay it to me and others. increase. The future of always-on ambient computing can feel that way.

    Amazon glowAmazon glow

    Amazon Glow has two sets of screens that project an interactive experience onto your table during a video chat. It is designed for kids.

    Fast forward to a Ray Bradbury style smart home. This smart home allows you to breathe and see alive. Maybe it’s a soft rain, and there’s even a welt. Of course, these things listen to Black Mirror episodes. Choose your favorite science fiction vision. Amazon clearly relies on the classic robot fantasy of domestic robots (Astro, The Jetsons). Glow reminds me of something that Kubrick would have had in 2001.

    In the first place, it may be these science fiction visions that help bring these things home. When using VR, you’ll feel like you’re in Ready Player One, The Matrix, or Tony Stark wearing smart glasses. Yes, all of these future visions are flawed, full of warnings and dangers. However, there is a reason why the idea of ​​Jurassic Park was so attractive in the first place. (Look: Dinosaurs!)

    Amazon’s biggest challenge isn’t dreaming of wonder-inducing gadgets.It ’s very about balancing against it. Realistic and problematic privacy concerns, And how these devices can feel like they’re becoming a Big Tech umbrella at every moment of our lives. For now, robots are experiments. So is the drone and the shining prominent tablet. What’s next? I don’t know if I want a robot, drone, or projection device in my everyday home. But I also felt that way about VR. I think that’s all of Amazon’s experimental approach. It takes us to their future in seemingly small steps. I want a clearer depiction between the wonders of dinosaurs and the concerns about the park.

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