Alpha Paw brings in $5.2M to carve out its niche in the pet wellness space – TechCrunch


Pets continue to be big companies Alpha Po The latest in the attention of investors. The Austin-based company has raised $ 5.2 million in Series A funding led by Nordic Eye after a bootstrap over the past three years.

CEO Ramon van Meer acquired the company through an acquisition in 2018 and is working with his 11-year-old son, Victor. At the time, Alpha Paw was a small company developing pet slopes for dogs who had a hard time jumping off the couch. It was renewed in the pet wellness area in 2019.

“We have a vision of helping pets live healthier and longer,” van Meer told TechCrunch. “We wanted to create a wellness product that resembles the human lifestyle. Nutrition and supplements are important for maintaining good health.”

Alpha Po

Alpha Paw’s Victor and Ramon van Meer. Image credit: Alpha Po

Partly driven by the global epidemic, people have spent more time with their pets over the past few years, and pet parents have become more likely to apply their health and wellness ideas to their pets. surely, Global pet supplement market It is worth nearly $ 600 million in 2019 and is ready to exceed $ 820 million by 2027. This is because Americans have spent almost $ 600 million. $ 100 billion According to their pets last year American Pet Products Association..

Alpha Paw offers pet products for dogs and cats, including foods and supplements customized with pet breeds in mind. A subscription box service will soon be available that includes food and dietary supplement toppings to mix with diseases such as allergies and hip and joint problems. The box also contains edible items for dental treatment. Alpha Paw also knows the breed, weight, and target weight of your pet, so it also includes a personalized system for daily exercise and play.

According to Van Mer, the company’s sales last year were $ 20 million and are projected to reach $ 35 million this year. It is also a repayment. His son, Victor, is philanthropic and AlphaPaw donates food to shelter dogs nationwide for every product he purchases. So far, we have donated more than 500,000 meals.

The new capital will fund general expansion, including customer acquisition growth, product expansion, and international expansion. It also helps build a community of pet parents on social media. Users interacted with each other and built a breed-specific community to ask each other and veterinarians.

Peter Warnøe, general partner of Nordic Eye, said he has been monitoring the pet industry for some time and has seen the pet industry gain a reputation as more start-ups enter the market.

“Everyone knows that space has increased since COVID. Most dogs have lived for more than a decade, so this isn’t a trend, but it’s really sustainable,” he added. “Due to the importance of dogs and the number of dogs added to the family, the industry is growing significantly. Ramon’s track record in other businesses and what he has done here for two years is to invest. It wasn’t hard to decide. “

Alpha Paw brings in $5.2M to carve out its niche in the pet wellness space – TechCrunch Source link Alpha Paw brings in $5.2M to carve out its niche in the pet wellness space – TechCrunch

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