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Hiiii And welcome to the Daily Ranch on December 17, 2021!As Alex As noted in yesterday’s newsletter, I am processing daily summaries today while he is having a very suitable vacation / personal day. Alex is one of the most diligent and efficient people I have ever met. So I think a day’s vacation for him is equivalent to a five-day vacation for others.

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TechCrunch Top 3

  • USB “kill code”: Do you know the lever that you have to keep pushing to keep the lawn mower moving? Imagine that, but it’s a magnetic USB cable for your laptop. When you pull the cable, the laptop automatically locks down or wipes. Zack Whittaker is considering a project built to help journalists and activists protect their files from physical attacks.
  • Hire new spyware: Just as Apple moves to sue the group behind a tool for hiring one spyware, it’s becoming clear that this is more of a “fighting hydra” than a “killing dragon.” .. Meta / Facebook this week, not one, not two, Seven Prevents the group from accessing social networks after detecting that the group has targeted up to 50,000 people. Citizen Labs said one of these banned companies, Cytrox, tried to trick the target into unintentionally infecting mobile phones with spyware “Predator” that gives them complete control over microphones, cameras, and more. I am reporting.
  • TikTok now has a discord: Ever wanted to talk about TikTok with other TikTokers when you weren’t actually using TikTok? Good news! For some reason, TikTok launched Discord. As Amanda Silberling says, “If Wendy’s, a fast food chain, can have discord with more than 60,000 members, isn’t it a virus platform like TikTok?”

Some questions about the imminent Reddit IPO

Image credit: Nigel Sasman (Opens in a new window)

Founded 16 years ago, Reddit raised $ 1.3 billion and raised its valuation to $ 10 billion. This week, the user-generated community revealed that it had submitted it in secret for publication.

“You know what that means,” writes Alex Wilhelm. “It’s time to ask a question.”

While he waits for Reddit’s S-1 with a sharp scalpel Alex shared his first question Regarding the operation of social hubs, specifically:

“We are interested in content moderation costs, product expansion, company revenue structure, government submission frequency, and what Unicorn says about cryptography.”

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After growing 500% in 12 months, Hevo Data raises $30 million Series B – TechCrunch Source link After growing 500% in 12 months, Hevo Data raises $30 million Series B – TechCrunch

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