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Baltimore, Maryland 2022-05-25 20:25:29 –

A list of more than 300 Baltimore police officers with credibility issues was released for the first time after the court ordered release last fall.

State lawyer Marilyn Mosby maintained a list of police officers she was concerned about their integrity on the State Police Commission in December 2019, and whether their testimony in court was credible. Said.

“These are integrity issues. They are related to theft, evidence planting, falsehood, corruption and fraud,” Mosby said at a meeting at the University of Baltimore Law School to restore confidence in police. I told the members of.

Attorneys at the Public Defender, Baltimore City Hall, have expressed concern for years about the officers on the list who are allowed to testify in court.

Deborah Katz Levy, head of a special proceedings in the city’s public lawyer’s office, called Mosby on Wednesday to disclose more information about the officers.

“MS. Mosby needs to disclose why these officers are on the list when they are on the list, and hundreds of cases that have not been disclosed since they were on the list. We need to make sure, “says Levi’s.

In a statement Wednesday, state law firm spokeswoman Zy Richardson said lawyers were “always informed” of officers, following a 2018 agreement with the city’s law firm.

The 305 officers are identified by the Baltimore Action Legal Team, a community non-profit organization known as BALT that is working to make the legal system more publicly available, to force state law firms to publish their lists. Now open to the public after winning a long court battle.

“Without transparency, we are not accountable,” said Iman Freeman, Executive Director of BALT. “This request for this list is part of the overall campaign and is just one tactic.”

The newly released 305 roster is about three times as many as the names on the Mosby office list released in October 2021. Unlike the October list, the majority of people on the new list are still employed by Baltimore police, by comparison. BALT list and city salary record.

The list of about 100 officers released in October was commonly referred to as the “don’t call” list of officers whose office does not call to testify. However, most of the officers listed were no longer working at the police station.

Before BALT sued Mosby’s office for the list, she said she wanted to publish the full list, but couldn’t because it was technically a personnel record under the Maryland Public Relations Act. However, the Maryland Court of Appeals disagreed with this and ordered the list to be published in October 2021. She didn’t release the full list to BALT until Wednesday.

Mosby refused through Richardson, even after the Court of Appeals ordered her to publish the list.

“Many people make unfounded, unfounded claims, so it would be unfair and unethical to publicize these names,” Richardson said in October 2021. Stated.

On Wednesday, Baltimore police spokeswoman Lindsey Eldridge said the ministry had recently received a copy of the disclosure list from a state law firm.

According to her, this list is different from the “don’t call” list.

“Under the commissioner [Michael] The Harrison administration, our department, continues to be responsible and transparent in taking appropriate action in the event of complaints against members, especially those who may lead to illegal activity. ” Eldridge said.

The list increases transparency, but Freeman called it incomplete. According to Freeman, there is no explanation of the actions or incidents that caused credibility concerns in the first place, and without that information it would be impossible to accurately determine each officer’s problem.

According to Freeman, BALT and other organizations will analyze the list in the coming days to elaborate on the initial findings.

Reliable police officers harm the criminal justice system, as many prosecutors rely on police officers to tell the truth, Freeman said.

“If the credibility of the officers underpins the system and one party in the system determines that these officers are unreliable to stand in court, what else is there? What else? Do you rely on their credibility and integrity? “Freeman said.

Police leadership has previously downplayed the existence of Liszt, and Vice-Chairman Brian Nado told state commissions in 2019 that most police officers have no credibility issues.

“No one on that list would have worked on the streets and filed a proceeding,” Nado said in 2019.

He said many of the nominated officers were the subject of unsustainable complaints at the time.

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Mosby sticks to the hearing and tells the committee that her office has disclosed the members of the list to the police, so “they do not put the policeman in a position where he must enter and testify. I hope. “

Her office later revealed Mosby’s comments, and the list does not mean that those 305 officers cannot testify, but past information that needs to be disclosed to lawyers in criminal cases involving officers. He said he only had.

“These people are automatically shared with defense advisers,” Richardson said Wednesday.

In fact, despite what Mosby’s office says, disclosures are not automatic and often do not happen, Levi said.

The fact that the officers on the list are allowed to testify and the lack of transparency about what was on the list in the first place are serious problems, Levi said.

“Continuous reliance on these officers and lack of disclosure violates discovery rules and ethical obligations and directly harms Baltimore citizens and the criminal justice system,” she said.

Baltimore Sun reporter Jessica Anderson contributed to this article.

After court battle, Marilyn Mosby releases list of 305 Baltimore police officers with credibility issues – Baltimore Sun Source link After court battle, Marilyn Mosby releases list of 305 Baltimore police officers with credibility issues – Baltimore Sun

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