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    Adriana De Moura and Julia Lemigova: Just Flirty Besties or Are They Boning?

    After a long break Miami real housewife that is Return to 4th season..

    The resurrection of the series is streamed on Peacock, which is a hot topic among Bravo fans and includes many familiar faces.

    One subject that comes to mind is the … friendship … between Adriana and Julia.

    Are they good friends? Are they profitable friends? Or are they fake flirting to give them a story?

    Adriana de Moura is a returning housewife, but this time she is newly divorced.

    Julia Lemigova has a happy marriage. And at the long-awaited milestone for the franchise, she is a housewife with her own housewife, Martina Navratilova.

    But … what exactly is happening between Adriana and Julia?

    Miami Promo Real Housewife

    There is a lot of friendliness of exaggerated personality between them.

    Anyway, with the camera. Viewers are not the only ones who understand this.

    Gerdie Abrira noticed it, and straightforwardly suggested that the two had a “profitable friend” situation.

    Adriana Demoura flashes her castmate

    Juliana gave Adriana a foot massage. This is often purely platonic, but in some situations it can be very frivolous.

    Martina thought it strange.

    According to tennis professionals, Julia only receives a one-legged massage. marriage..

    Miami real housewife group selfie

    Before you start yelling “love triangle”! From the rooftop, you need to consider alternatives.

    Adriana has been pulling fake from the first season of the show, Season 1.

    At that time, she was delighted to pull the wool into the eyes of the audience about her marriage status at the time to give herself a story.

    Julia Lemigova has never been seen before

    About 10 years later, how much was actually changed by Adriana, and what she wants to do for evaluation.

    In some situations, you may want to see the flirtation between housewives spark and turn into romance.

    But in this case, Julia is a happy married woman and doesn’t want to see anyone’s marriage disturbed.

    Real Miami housewives have fun by the pool

    It would be particularly tough if the franchise’s first (and also long postponed) wife pair had real marital problems.

    This would be exacerbated if the fake affairs played for the camera had this detrimental effect on a very realistic marriage.

    But maybe it’s a harmless flirting, or it’s a fake (and everyone participates in it). It’s interesting to see it all run.

    Miami Season 4 Title Card Real Housewife

    Julia commented on Adriana’s lips (honestly, the housewife’s lips No Comment-Is it worth it in a way? ).

    When Adriana and Gerdi visited the farms of Julia and Martina, Julia gave a foot massage.

    Now, Adriana’s stiletto heel was unrecognizablely dirty due to the discomfort of the farmland, so it didn’t turn deep blue. Some may argue that Julia was a good host.

    A real housewife in Miami sees and reacts to something

    Julia’s birthday party was flirting.

    Adriana had a flower in her cleavage, and Julia said she certainly had to resist sniffing it.

    Gurdy stirred the pot and gave a foot massage in front of Martina … I couldn’t help noticing that she had received such special treatment only once.

    A real housewife in Miami at a showdown dinner party

    There were many harps in the foot massage, with other housewives putting their weight on the border of the couple.

    But at Watch What Happens Live, Julia asserted that she was happy to marry, Martina wasn’t worried about her friendship, and she and Adriana were just friends.

    Between editing, the nature of the business, and perhaps the mischief of the Julia and Adriana parts, we consider this to be an unbalanced and fun storyline.

    Adriana De Moura and Julia Lemigova: Just Flirty Besties or Are They Boning? Source link Adriana De Moura and Julia Lemigova: Just Flirty Besties or Are They Boning?

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