Adele Claps Back at Body-Shamers: Stop Being Weird About My Weight Loss!


last year, Adele showed her abnormal weight loss, And many people on social media have lost their collective mind.

Some people had a good take. Others had bad takes.

But as far as Adele is concerned, the debate was “brutal” and very disappointing.

Decorate the cover of Englishman trend, Adele hopes that people can just be normal about her body.

In an interview for the first time in six months, Adele admitted that her physical changes did not have ideal acceptance.

As she said British epidemicShe felt “disappointed” when she saw who had the most “brutal conversation” about her weight loss.

Why? Most of the people who talk about her body, like the latest episode on Prestige TV, were other women.

Adele weight loss photo

“My body has been objectiveized throughout my career,” Adele pointed out as part of her cover story interview.

“It’s not just now,” she admitted.

Still, what was said and the people who said it left a bitter taste in her mouth.

Adele weight loss

Obviously, many praised Adele’s significant weight loss.

She lost about 100 pounds in just two years. It’s monumental.

But some of the praise was misguided, where pushback came into debate.

Tweet-Celebrating Adele

It’s generally good to praise someone for getting the body they want.

However, as some social media have pointed out, some were deaf or indirectly cruel.

Writing “Adel is hot now” suggests she wasn’t there before and reminds many fat women that there are people who accept them only if they follow.

Tweet-I miss the old Adele

That subtle take was fine, but others weren’t.

Some tweeted that Adele’s weight loss wasn’t commendable under any circumstances, but it was … confusing.

Someone wants to gain weight, lose weight, keep the same weight, get a tattoo, remove a tattoo, etc. of course Please support me regardless.

Adele honors George Michael

Adele understands that her actual human body is as painful as seeing people argue as if it were a new Senate bill.

“I understand why it’s a shock,” she admitted in an interview.

“I understand why some women were particularly hurt,” Adele added.

Adele, Forks

“Visually, I represented many women,” Adele observed.

She emphasized: “But I’m still the same person.”

Adele, like most others, wants to know who he is, not a meat prison.

Adele booty dance to Beyonce

“And the worst part of the whole,” continued Adele.

Then when she said, “The most cruel conversation was being made by another woman about my body.”

“I was very disappointed with it. It hurt my feelings,” Adele said.

Adele in 2020

Those who felt that Adele was personally betrayed by changing their body shape are in many ways similar to those who felt betrayed by John Mulaney.

The comedian did not lose weight (he disappeared), but he did Impregnate Olivia Munn And divorce his wife, Anna.

Many fans appreciated his love for his wife and his indifference to having children, and were surprised or even angry.

Adele dances to Beyonce

But Adele and John are talking about people’s real lives.

Relationships are over, bodies change, and life takes a different path.

It is our responsibility as fans not to stick to one’s thoughts unhealthy enough to see change as a personal attack.

Celebration Adele smile

Adele opened up about losing about £ 100 in “two years.”

“It was because of my anxiety. If it works, I’ll feel better,” she explained.

Much of this followed her split from her ex, Simon Koneki.

Adele turns her hair over to Beyonce

“It was never about losing weight,” Adele shared.

“It was always getting stronger, and I gave myself as much time each day without my phone,” she explained.

“I’m pretty addicted to it. I exercise a couple of times a day,” Adele revealed.

Adele accepts Grammy Awards

“People were shocked because I didn’t share the’journey’,” Adele said.

“They’re used to people who document everything on Instagram, and most people in my position will be a big deal with diet brands,” she said.

“I couldn’t give a flying f–k,” Adele jokingly said. “I did it for myself, but not for anyone else. So why do I share it? … it’s my body.”

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