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    Adele announces new single “Easy On Me” after a five-year hiatus

    Adele. UPI / Rune Hellestad / Shutterstock

    Hello from the other side! Adele Finally came back The taste of her fourth studio album A few years later — and it’s definitely worth the wait.

    A 33-year-old fan was able to catch a glimpse of her first single, “Easy On Me,” from her next record on an Instagram clip on Tuesday, October 5th. In the video, Adele puts a cassette tape in a car stereo and drives it. Rolls down the window. All songs will be released on October 15th.

    Earlier this month, enthusiastic fans began to wonder if the songwriter was planning her long-awaited return when a mysterious sign decorated with the number “30” appeared around the world. Grammy Award winners give each of her albums a famous name — 19, twenty one When twenty five — After age, she started working on them.

    Expectations continued to rise when the social media accounts of the “Set Fire to the Rain” singer were renewed. Her profile pictures on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have a simple teal design, and many followers have come to believe that a new era is coming soon. Adele’s website has also been updated, prompting visitors to sign up for newsletter updates.

    Diva of “Water under the Bridge” I haven’t released an album Since 2015. Four years later, she enjoyed rumors about her next project, celebrating her 31st birthday.

    “30 people tried me hard, but I own it and work hard to devote myself to everything,” she wrote in 2019. I’ve changed dramatically in the last few years, and I’m still changing, and it’s ok. 31 years will be a long time ago. I will spend it all on myself. “

    NS Oscar winners “For the first time in 10 years, I feel the world around me and I am ready to look up once. Be kind to the people we are humans, go slowly, hang up and laugh out loud at every opportunity. That’s all you really learn to love yourself, and I just realized it’s more than enough. I finally learn to love you a lot. A bunch of f-king barbarians , 30 will be drums [and] A bass record that teases you. “

    Her candid post came in the midst of her division from her husband Simon Koneki, She got married in 2016. The 47-year-old singer and entrepreneur of “Hometown Glory” “became more like a friend than a lover,” sources said. We weekly 2019.Former couple Share 8-year-old son Angelo When Confirmed their divorce March.

    Adele I’m silent about the details In her fourth record, some of her famous companions hinted that fans weren’t ready for the next chapter of the artist.

    “I’ve heard some tracks. Oh, well, that’s great. This is amazing,” UK talk show host Allen Carr Erupted in an interview in January Grazia UK.. “I said to her,” The voice is like an old friend, “I said. It’s like an old friend. … There is only one Adele. “

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    Adele announces new single “Easy On Me” after a five-year hiatus

    Source link Adele announces new single “Easy On Me” after a five-year hiatus

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