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    Adam Neumann is throwing a WeWork party today

    One thing to start: Online payment company PayPal Under negotiation Acquire a social media group Pinterest At around $ 45 billion, it could be one of the largest acquisitions of the year.

    One event to start: FT’s annual Global Dealmaking Summit takes less than three weeks. The two-day event will be held in person at the South Place Hotel in London on the afternoon of virtually the second day.

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    WeWork is released and tequila comes out

    Group of We workEarly employees get together To celebrate the company’s debut on the stock market, today at the Standard Hotel in New York’s Meatpacking District.

    The party invitation came from an unexpected host — Adam neumann, WeWork’s controversial former CEO.With his co-founder Miguel McKelvey, They will see the office sharing business they create eventually become a public company.

    It took only two years from the expulsion of Neuman and the billions of dollars Softbank To stop bankruptcy after the first attempt fails.

    Shareholders Get BowX, That blank check company Agreed to trade $ 9 billion We marked approval on Tuesday to publish WeWork earlier this year.

    This allowed WeWork to achieve the listing it sought to secure in 2019, but it was only part of the $ 47 billion valuation once ordered in the private market.

    Adam neumann

    WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann © Reuters

    WeWork’s current CEO Sandeep Mathrani And its chair Marcelo Claure Will be New York Stock Exchange Celebrate this opportunity with a few miles downtown.

    Real estate groups have worked hard to stay away from their charismatic boss Neumann, who has persuaded dozens of investors. ..

    However, Neumann, who still owns an 11% stake in WeWork and has the right to join the board, does not seem to be in a hurry to break the relationship with the company.

    Matrani, whose predecessor was appointed to the top position, turned to curbing the overkill of his predecessor. He reduced costs, reduced the number of office locations and focused on WeWork’s core business.

    WeWork Space in London

    WeWork, which operates such a coworking space in London, is below the 2021 forecast revenue of $ 3.2 billion © Bloomberg

    Vanity projects like Wegrow, The school devised by Neuman’s wife Rebeka may be gone, WeWork’s ability to burn cash remains.

    The company told investors that it lost $ 3.2 billion in 2020, despite cutting capital investment by about 85% year-on-year due to the impact of its business. Pandemic..

    WeWork was preparing to merge with BowX, but reported a loss of $ 3 billion in the first half of 2021. The company is also expected to be $ 500 million below its 2021 forecast revenue. Investor presentation Early this month.

    Still, WeWork expects a boost from a shift to flexible work styles, and companies are less likely to sign long-term leases. A $ 1.3 billion cash injection from a deal with BowX should also help.

    Neumann is worth about $ 250 million this morning as a reason to closely monitor stocks. If you trade more than $ 10 per share, your “Profit” will be unlocked as part of a settlement with SoftBank earlier this year.

    New Beat from Goldman CEO

    Goldman Sachs Chief executive officer David Solomon We are now in the fourth year at the top of a well-known investment bank and will talk about the renovation.

    For Solomon, a 22-year-old Goldman veteran who fostered a passion for middle-aged DJs, an important part of his strategy is funding cosmetic surgery and other plastic surgery.

        David Solomon

    Under David Solomon, Goldman shares rose about 80%, but are still trading at discounted prices to major peers © Bloomberg

    Goldman adds these lending opportunities to banks. Acquisition of fintech lenders GreenSky, Announced in September. These consumer loans, made through the digital consumer bank Marcus, are essential to Solomon’s efforts to diversify Goldman from round-tripping and investment banking earnings.

    In this push, Solomon To tell Joshua Franklin of FT continues to acquire after a surge in transactions, including Green Sky, the investment management arm of a Dutch insurance company NN group And investment adviser United Capital..

    “If we have the opportunity to accelerate business growth inorganically, we’ll consider it,” says Solomon, but with a proviso. “Acquisition standards are always very high.”

    Published by Goldman at a price of $ 23 in May 2018, Green Sky reached Solomon’s high level at just $ 12.11 per share, or $ 2.2 billion, after being tortured in the public market.

    An interactive graphic snapshot is displayed. This may be due to being offline or having JavaScript disabled in your browser.


    If Solomon opens Goldman’s super-selective front door through acquisitions such as Green Sky, he will not be able to stand at the top of the empire.

    Goldman’s partnership peaked with 500 employees a few years ago, settling down to about 400 partners, down 20%.

    Solomon told the FT that he asked the Partnership Commission to evaluate its ideal size “given the business we are prosecuting,” and recommended 400 to 420 partners.

    It’s all part of cultural change as Solomon tries to bend Goldman into the will of public investors. The market prefers interest income and efficient commission-based income to capital-intensive transportation from traders and expensive investment bankers.

    In a sense, Solomon’s market will generate revenue generated by contractors armed with the GreenSky app, rather than the next major merger organized by bankers who maintain an edge at Wall Street’s M & A league table. I am confident that I will evaluate it.

    Another advantage is that the loan won’t complain.

    Year-over-year (%) line chart showing Goldman's revenue and expense growth under Solomon

    From the burnout of a junior bunker to Solomon’s return to work in June, he faces a civil war. So far, the business is booming. Goldman’s revenue increased 42% in the first nine months of 2021, while Covid’s depressed costs increased by only 7%. But that is an unsustainable level of efficiency.

    Perhaps only these “cool sculpting” loans, which will soon be inherited by Goldman through the acquisition of GreenSky, will be able to maintain enough bank trim to soothe Wall Street.

    Two-stage introduction to Texas

    “Texas Two Step” is the best known As a country and western dance I’m writing Jamie Smith of FT, which was popular in the southern states of the United States.

    More recently, the term has appeared in the corporate glossary as a bankruptcy operation developed by companies seeking to protect themselves from personal injury claims.

    Johnson & Johnson Became the largest company So far, the US bankruptcy process has been used to limit the potential liability associated with tens of thousands of litigants who claim that cosmetic talc products have caused cancer.

    However, critics argue that lawyers are loopholes in state corporate and bankruptcy law that could deny the justice of the parties to the proceedings by monitoring cases that are drawing attention from dozens of other companies. He says he is deciding whether he can also benefit from using what he does.

    J & J baby powder

    J & J faces tens of thousands of proceedings from people claiming that baby powder caused cancer © Getty Images

    J & J June failure Persuading the Supreme Court to consider the $ 2.1 billion jury award to 22 women accusing ovarian cancer at pharmaceutical company talc seems to be the motive behind legal manipulation. ..

    The company faces more than 36,000 claims related to products over 100 years ago and claims to have been “relentlessly assaulted” by a personal injury lawyer.

    J & J has denied that talc contains asbestos and has caused cancer, but has moved to protect itself from the payments of other blockbuster juries that could affect earnings. I am.

    New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company under “Texas Two Step” First created another subsidiary In Texas to hold talc debt.

    He then converted to a new North Carolina-based joint venture, driving him into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Both states have some of the most corporate-friendly legal systems in the United States.

    Critics argue that the operation essentially shifts the court battle from the jury court to the bankruptcy court, denying plaintiffs the right to be heard in public courts and delaying the provision of justice.

    Proponents say it can discourage lawyers who “chase ambulances” and put a heavy burden on the business they can do.

    There are at least two precedents for “Texas Two Step”, among them Koch Industries Called Georgia Pacific, Separated asbestos-related claims into another company placed in Chapter 11 in 2017.

    This bankruptcy case has not yet been finalized.

    Meanwhile, a bill to reform the US bankruptcy system was submitted to Congress, outlawing its practices. However, it remains unclear whether it will be legislated.

    Work movement

    • Eutelsat, European satellite group bid by billionaire Patrick DrySaid its CEO Rodolph Belmer Resign early next year to take the top position in the French IT group Atos..He replaces Eli Girard..

    • Warren BuffettDaughter of Susan And investment company manager Christopher Davis Was elected to the board of directors Berkshire Hathaway After a resolution to increase the size of the board to 15.

    • Burberry Poached Jonathan Eikeroid Based in Milan Gianni Versace Take over from retiring CEO Marco Gobbetti..

    Smart read

    Powerful mix How chemical companies such as Chemours, DuPont, and 3M used attractive attacks and complex business transactions to avoid liability for what experts believe to be a public health crisis. .. (((New York Times).

    Injury time Fifa has won some of the most famous players in football, from former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to former Brazilian striker Ronaldo, playing the World Cup every two years instead of every four years. We supported the sale of the plan. It was meant to please the fans, but there is a risk of breaking the game. (((The Wall Street Journal).

    News summary

    Blackstone buys majority stake in Spanx (WSJ)

    The court heard that Orsel renegotiated the withdrawal contract from UBS and unlocked the bounty. (FT)

    Activist Elliott has a large stake in the Canadian National Railway. (WSJ)

    Indonesian startup GoTo is ready to value $ 28.5 billion with the latest funding (FT)

    Evergrande’s plan to sell real estate services collapses (FT)

    British competition watchdog fines Facebook £ 50m for Giphy deal (FT)

    THG Matthew Molding Drops Stock Pledge For Personal Loans (FT)

    Elizabeth Warren Updates Private Equity Payments, Arbeiterpolit Assault (Bloomberg)

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