Acura’s GM-based electric crossover is sometimes referred to as ADX


Acura Version of Honda General Motors-based electricity crossover According to a recent report, the ADX nameplate will be launched. There is no official one, but the US Patent and Trademark Office recently granted Japanese companies the right to that name.

Discovered by driver, trademark The application is Submission Approved by Honda on 22 December 2021 and 3 days later. There is nothing to suggest that it is for Honda, but a model called ADX fits neatly into the range of Acura. MDX When RDX..

Filing asks more questions than it answers. What is Acura ADX? One possibility is that the nameplate is the Acura version Honda Prologue, 2024 model is planned.It is based on a platform designed by GM and will carry the same Ultium battery Technology below Cadillac lyric, Among other EVs. I know that Acura will also spawn.

It is important to note that nothing in the filing mentions an electrically drivetrain. Acura’s range includes only two crossovers that are well below the industry average (Lexus There are five Crossover and SUVFlat Lincoln There are four), so the ADX name can end up with a non-electrical addition to the range.The lineup can grow in different directions, many of which dealer Seeking For people big and small-migratory.

As mentioned earlier, patent or trademark applications are not a guarantee that a function or nameplate will see the light waiting at the end of the production line. Automakers routinely protect their intellectual property so that it is out of the hands of its rivals. There’s no such thing as the Acura ADX, but at least not yet, its name is in line with the company’s naming system.Imagine, for example, the confusion that would occur if Lexus released a crossover called ADX that was directed directly. 355 horsepower Acura MDX Type S..

Acura did not comment on the report, nor did it reveal what the Honda and General Motors-derived models would be called.

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Acura’s GM-based electric crossover is sometimes referred to as ADX

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