Abortion activists mark RBG’s death anniversary with fighting cry | Ruth Bader Ginsburg


To commemorate the first anniversary of the death of a U.S. Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Cecil Richards warned that almost 50 years later, Republicans were on the verge of ending their right to abortion.

“We have to fight to get it back completely,” said the former president. Planned parent-child relationship, A leading provider of women’s healthcare.

Ginsburg, an American liberal hero widely known as RBG Died September 18, 2020.. She was 87 years old.

Republicans in Congress broke their own precedent to rush to confirm her successor, Amy Coney Barrett, shortly before the elections at the expense of the White House and the Senate.

A devout Catholic, Barrett is widely seen as an opponent of the right to abortion, and the court guaranteed this in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

Earlier this month, Barrett and four other conservatives on the panel, with liberals above 6-3, were allowed to stand. Texas law Most experts considered this significantly unconstitutional.

The most restrictive such law in the United States prohibits abortion when heart activity is detected, usually around the sixth week of pregnancy, before most women know they are pregnant. ..

Courts have blocked similar restrictions, but Texas law entrusts the enforcement of proceedings to civilians rather than prosecutors for criminal accusations.

Richards is currently co-chairing the American Bridge 21st Century in support of liberal purposes. In an open letter, she said a Texas Republican “outlined the roadmap for other Republicans to follow, along with the Supreme Court’s acquiescence.”

US Department of Justice Suing Texas over the law However, a case separate from Mississippi is widely seen as an opportunity for conservative judges to permanently overturn the Roe v. Wade case.

Last week, Barrett and her fellow conservative Clarence Thomas insisted that Supreme Court judges did not act according to partisan beliefs.

Barrett I did that in Kentucky A Senate Republican who secured her place in court at a center named after him while standing next to Mitch McConnell.

Thomas Said to the Indiana audience: “The court was considered the least dangerous branch [of government] And we may be the most dangerous. “

Richards called Gimberg “a pioneer and advocate of women everywhere.”

Ginsburg’s successor as the highest-ranking liberal in court is Stephen Breyer, 83, the author of a new book, Court Authority and Political Danger. He said he didn’t want to die on the bench, but diverted the call for retirement so the Democrats could set up a replacement before the midterm elections.

According to the Associated PressThe majority of Americans believe that most abortions are legal during the first three months of pregnancy, but after that they usually say that the procedure is illegal.

Richards told the AP people, “Even if you live in a state that has passed the restrictions on reproductive care, you have always assumed that there is always a judicial system that protects them and declares these laws unconstitutional. It has already happened. Is not …

“We’re in the post-row world right now. Here in Texas, Roe is no longer valid … and all you need is a Republican governor and a Republican parliament. Your condition may be exactly the same. . “

Abortion activists mark RBG’s death anniversary with fighting cry | Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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