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Abbott, a US medical device manufacturer, is committed to manufacturing general-purpose consumer biosensing wearables.

The company has been manufacturing continuous blood glucose monitor (CGM) hardware for diabetes management for years (since 2014), but at yesterday’s Healthtech keynote at CES, Abbott Chairman and CEO Robert B. Ford. Announced that it will develop a new line of consumer biowearables. Called an apple — aimed at more general fitness and wellness purposes.

“Technology gives us the power to digitize, decentralize and democratize healthcare, create a shared language between you and your doctor, and give us more control over your health,” he said. Said in the keynote speech. “We are creating a future where you and your loved ones will bring more personal and accurate care. It’s happening now, and the possibilities are incredible.”

According to Ford, Lingo sensing technology is designed to track “significant signals” in the body such as glucose, ketones, and lactic acid, and could be used to track alcohol levels in the future. I add.

Last year, the company launched a biosensor called the Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biowearable iii, designed for athletes. It will be available in Europe and is used by marathon world record holders such as Eliud Kipchoge to support training needs.

Abbott stated his goal at Lingo Glycemic monitoring is to extend to people who are trying to control their weight, sleep better, improve their energy, and think more clearly.

To support this enhanced utility, he said he is developing a biosensor that measures biomarkers other than glucose.

“Ketone bio-wearables keep track of ketones, see how quickly they get into ketosis, and provide insights into diet and weight loss to see exactly what keeps you there. Developed to understand, “the company said in a press release. “Lactate biowearables are under development to track continuous lactate accumulation during exercise. It can be used as an indicator of athletic performance.”

Many in recent years U.S. startups, Europe and Asia Aiming to commercialize CGM hardware, including existing Abbott sensors, for a variety of non-medical purposes, aimed at fitness enthusiasts, those who want to lose weight, or generally health-conscious consumers. We have started a real-time blood glucose tracking service.

Abbott’s jump into the space itself quickly suggests that biosensing consumer wearables are very likely to become mainstream.

Check out TechCrunch for what it’s like to live with a CGM biosensor mounted on your arm, and the constantly updated windows to the biological processes it provides. Ultrahuman Cyborg Service Review, An India-based startup diverting the current generation of sensing hardware from Abbott.

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