Aaron Carter Breaks Up With Melanie Martin: She’s Moving to Vegas With a 90 Day Fiance Star!


I don’t often say this about celebrities, but … Aaron Carter has lived a pathetic life in many ways.

Child actors often struggle with both adulthood and family coping.

Aaron is no exception-he is a tough example of both of those struggles.

This time he doesn’t make a headline right above him Paranoia or mental health struggle..

Last week, Aaron and his fiancé Melanie Martin welcomed the child Prince in an emergency caesarean section.

This week, in a long Twitter threat, Aaron declares that things are over between him and Melanie.

His hurt feelings are very real.

There was something else to add to Aaron explaining why he felt betrayed by Melanie.

According to him, she will leave him and take their son to Las Vegas, where she will move with her. Larissa Lima’s ex-friend Carmen Nice..

This is not 90th fiance It’s a crossover that everyone wants, but apparently that’s what we’re getting.

See Aaron’s many tragic tweets … and finally check out Carmen’s reaction. Uhu..

1. Aaron Carter has some rough news

The week after Thanksgiving is a particularly difficult time to experience a farewell, especially in relationships as serious as engagement. But Aaron and Melanie weren’t just engaged. Both are parents of a newborn baby, Prince. Things got worse a few days after the emergency caesarean section.

2. At the center of it is a family drama

At the center of it is a family drama

It’s no secret that Aaron has been severely estranged from many of his relatives, including his famous brother Nick Carter. Aaron used his platform to courageously boost Nick’s whistleblowers who came out earlier to share the #MeToo story about Nick. There are also restraint orders for Aaron from multiple members of his family, including his sister Angel.

3. So what happened?


Aaron does not (especially) talk to the angel, but his fiancé Melanie (reportedly) maintained a secret communication with the angel for two years. Apparently she got pretty this week.

4. Is this part of the pattern?

Is this part of the pattern?

According to Aaron, this isn’t the first time she’s tried to disrupt his current relationship or form a bond with his exe. I don’t know the version of the angel’s event or description, but if it’s true it sounds strange.

5. Finished


Aaron said in one of only two “normal” tweets in a series of long posts over two days that he and his fiancé Melanie broke up despite the recent birth of his son. I posted it.

6. Aaron mainly blames his family

Aaron mainly blames his family

It is certainly true that he has seen the inside of the court many times in court battles with his relatives. Limiting orders isn’t just about personal choice. Even the right phone will be part of the record, so you can change the work or place you live in.

7. Obviously he is in shock

Obviously he is in shock

It can be difficult to handle all of this. Betrayal, farewell, and newborn babies are all you need.

8. This lasted so long

This lasted so long

Many people are out of contact with one or more family members, and one of their greatest fears is that someone they love and trust can contact them.

9. Is Aaron sleeping in the car?

Is Aaron sleeping in his car?

I’d like to ask if his house has another room or at least a sofa … I don’t know their overall situation. Perhaps this is the correct call. It’s hard to believe, but it’s possible.

10. Aaron’s old family destroyed his new family


He points out how he felt captured by the family in which he was born for years and was disturbed by them in multiple ways.

11. Now he feels like no one

I feel like he has no one right now

If you can’t trust your fiancé, who is now the mother of your child, and you don’t trust your relatives even more … it could be very isolated.

12. Is he sure?

Is he sure?

Not only did Melanie clearly confess to him, Aaron said he also received a message from the angel.

13. This is not new and it is not clear why he shared it

This is not new and it is not clear why he shared it

Aaron shared what appeared to be a direct, solid yet compassionate letter from the angel, admitting how miserable their early life was, but Aaron’s well-documented. He emphasized alert behavior patterns and the comprehensible concerns they raise. Again, it’s not clear why Aaron posted it.

14. Will Melanie leave for Las Vegas?

Will Melanie leave for Las Vegas?

According to Aaron, Melanie took her son to Las Vegas and told him he was going to live with Carmen from the fiance on the 90th.

15. Who is Carmen?

Who is Carmen?

Remember the highly polarized 90-day fiancester Larissa Lima? Her friend Carmen Nys lives in Las Vegas. Larissa lived with her for a while after an ugly farewell to Colt Johnson.

16. Carmen has played the host before

Carmen has played the host before

But Larissa has lived with her for months, and we all remember when she gave Larissa boots (although for the purposes of the reality TV drama). Apparently, Carmen and Melanie are friends and are united by sharing pregnancy and postnatal advice.

17. Aaron is smoking

Aaron is smoking

As far as he is concerned, the angel ruined his life by maintaining this relationship with Melanie.

18. Can he get past this?

Can he move past this?

Aaron says this is unacceptable on Melanie’s side. As many of us are worried about Aaron’s stability and mental health … he’s not wrong. Secret communication behind your partner is not a way to become a partner.

19. It’s all so devastating


Aaron seems to be spiraling when exporting these tweets, but most of them are frankly unwise.

20. What is this now?

What is this now?

At first, it sounds like Melanie is accusing the family of being a kind of “snitch,” because he doesn’t speak clearly. In context, he seems to express his anger at the angel.

21. Return to Melanie …

Return to Melanie ...

Aaron vows to go to court to confirm that there is a fair division of custody. This can backfire on him, especially if one of his ex-family members speaks to the court. To be honest, even these tweets may not help.

22. Again, not allowed

Again, not allowed

Our culture has an aspect of encouraging forgiveness for a variety of reasons and motivations, especially when family members are involved. Many feel that this is not always healthy and can even be immoral at all. I’m not necessarily saying it’s wrong here because I don’t know the whole story, but Aaron may be right about this being unacceptable.

23. His current priority is his son

Now his priority is his son

He writes that Prince is everything he has in the world.

24. Aaron also has fans

Aaron also has fans

They flooded his reply with affirmative, sympathetic, and emotional support, along with some invisible but perhaps positive DMs.

25. Aaron says he is a single father

Aaron says he

It will be a mind-boggling notice after months of excitement for welcoming a child together.

26. This sounds painful

This looks painful

It should be emphasized that I don’t know what Melanie said. I only have Aaron’s tweets … well, I’ll talk about Aaron’s tweets and the other one soon.

27. Someone had to ask

Someone had to ask

Aaron says he is not suffering from the problem of addiction at this time, in contrast to Angel’s previous accusations (she … she wasn’t the only one to say anything along these lines. ).

28. Another more consistent tweet, finally

Another more consistent tweet, finally

Aaron has declared that he and Melanie will give top priority to their son. I hope this is true in any way.

I had something to say to Carmen

In an Instagram video (taken by 90-day fiance blogger John Yates), Carmen Nys talks about being publicly named by Aaron during this turmoil, she is a friend of Melanie and she was the day before. I explained that she was talking to me … she moved. They talked about recovering from Melanie’s Caesarean section. What a mess!

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