A woman imprisoned for getting too close to a grizzly bear in Yellowstone Park | US News


The woman was imprisoned for four days after refusing to leave despite an animal assault when she was too close to a grizzly bear and two Cubs in Yellowstone National Park.

Samantha Dehring, a 25-year-old from Illinois, has pleaded guilty to federal officials for “intentionally leaving, approaching, and taking pictures of wildlife within 100 yards.” Said, Following the May incident.

In the interaction video, Dehring takes a picture of a grizzly and two cubs as another visitor retreats into the car, and the bear “bluffs” to charge her before leaving.

Visitors to the vast Yellowstone National Park are forbidden to enter within 100 yards of the bear, feed the bear, or approach to take pictures.

US Department of Justice Said In addition to prison time, Dehring was ordered to pay a $ 1,000 fine and $ 1,000 community service payment to the Wildlife Conservation Fund to carry out a year of unsupervised probation. She was also banned for a year from Yellowstone, an ecosystem that spans Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana.

“Wildlife in Yellowstone National Park is certainly wild,” said Bob Murray, acting lawyer in the United States. Wyoming..

“Parks are not zoos where you can see animals in fenced enclosures. They roam their natural habitats freely and react accordingly when threatened.

“It’s absolutely stupid to approach a grizzly bear with the Cubs. Here, pure luck is why Dehring is a criminal defendant, not a beaten tourist.”

Grizzly bears usually avoid interacting with people, but they can approach when food is available and, especially in the case of the Cubs, when they feel threatened.

The number of encounters between people and grizzly bears is increasing The once endangered species have recovered and spread to places in the western United States that haven’t been seen for decades.

Every year, millions of tourists visit Yellowstone, known for its wildlife and stunning geysers, with 921,844 visitors in August of this year.

Park rules prohibit harassment of wildlife, but a 9-year-old girl Threw After getting too close to 2019, Bison jumped into the air. Three years ago, a newborn bison calf died after a tourist Decided To put the animals in their car because they thought it looked cold.

Despite the huge number of visitors and the concentration of bears, human deaths are rare.The possibility of a grizzly attack in Yellowstone One for every 2.7m visit.. In the entire ecosystem, only 16 human deaths from bears have been recorded since 1892.

A woman imprisoned for getting too close to a grizzly bear in Yellowstone Park | US News

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