A Semiconductor Stock Growing To Biblical Proportions


If you are looking to join a semiconductor game right now, you should probably consider looking at Alpha and Omega. No, I’m not trying to talk about you to a religious conversion, I’m talking about a company called Alpha & Omega Semiconductor LTD (AOSL).

Semiconductor manufacturers design, develop and supply power semiconductor products such as analog switches, insulated gate bipolar transistors, power integrated circuits and transient voltage suppressors.

The company’s share price has doubled since July, at $ 50 at the time of this writing.

Alpha & Omega has a market capitalization of $ 1.3 billion and a price-earnings ratio of $ 18.85. The company’s revenue is over $ 650 billion.

AOSL’s rate of return this year was 107%, ahead of the Computer and Technology Group’s 24.6%.

Looking at this, AOSL returns are higher than Alphabet’s 61.9%.

We use a green zone valuation system based on the high value, momentum and growth of stocks to make them “strong and bullish”.

Shortage of semiconductor supplyIt continues to disrupt the production plans of many prominent companies, including General Motors. General Motors recently announced that it will not offer a heated seat option on many of the 2022 models in order to maintain a supply of semiconductors for more important components.

In addition to the currently infamous supply bottlenecks, the closure of Chinese ports affecting global shipping, and the shortage of workers to transport chips, natural disasters also play an important role in the shortage.

Last year, a major Japanese supplier broke out in a fire, a fierce winter storm in Intel’s hometown of Texas, and a drought in Taiwan. Semiconductor chips require large amounts of water during manufacturing, and each of these disasters has become a limiting factor.

Semiconductor companies are investing heavily in new manufacturing plants to keep up with demand, leaving investors with the opportunity to benefit, including those offered by Alpha & Omega.

Companies have the ability to continue their business at maximum capacity and raise prices, resulting in higher profit margins across the industry.

As production increases, investment opportunities are created.

Therefore, you should consider investing in Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc.

We expect it to triple the market in the next 12 months.

Some say it’s growing at a biblical rate!

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