Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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    ‘A Midsummer Night’ at Summer’s End – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-09-05 09:44:56 –

    Voices Found Repertory opens Midsummer night dream With playful informal music, the entire cast gradually sings classic pop tunes to acoustic guitar characters on stage. Director Sarah Zapiain has cultivated deep and fascinating emotional dynamics that flow through the intricacies of delicate comedy in the subtle, contemporary atmosphere of West Alice’s small stage. Zapiain works with talented casts to develop an ensemble of attractive textured characters. The amplification of the comedy of love stupidity resonates with 90 completely fun, break-free minutes.

    Grace Dewolf and Haley Evinal are as subtle as Athenian enthusiasts Lysander and Hermia. The playful tactile sensation of their romance is firmly established with the ingenious delicacy that is useful for comedy, and when you flee to the wilderness things go crazy. Maya Dunks plays the role of Hermia’s best friend Helena, playing with uncontrollable affection. Her longing for a man who is obsessed with Hermia is very loving in a way that perfectly sets the struggle that rolls at the center of production. Kyle Connor reminds us of fun magic in the role of a fairy pack that deeply entwines lovers’ problems.

    Classic scripts are uninterrupted, comfortable and refreshing. Even crude machines roll attractively at the edge of action to pursue the performance of Pyramos and Sisbe. Ben Jera skillfully portrays Nick Bottom’s hamee over-the-top ego. Iera’s exaggerated energy is subtle, including a heartfelt performance by Jessica Torznadel as the actor who plays Sisbe, and a subtle comedy bit by Hannah Kubiak, who played the role of Peter Quince. Matches the element.

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    Voices Found Repertory will produce A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Imagination Studios, 1500 S. 73rd St until September 12th. For more information, please visit: Voices Found Repertory website..

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