A Lincoln Park plot near Denver Health will be a new safe camping site – Denver, Colorado


Denver, Colorado 2021-10-21 14:33:06 –

The new site is specifically aimed at helping Native American Denverite in response to the camp clearing earlier this summer.

Kevin J. Beatty / Denberite

Another “safe outdoor space” will open on W.8th Avenue and Elati Street on November 10th in partnership with Denver Village Collaborative and Denver Health. According to the city’s press release, 12,500 square feet of gravel provides a safe haven for up to 50 people 24 hours a day for about a year.

The city first started funding safe outdoor spaces February of this year The impact of COVID-19 has become more established in evacuation centers and service providers.The first two campgrounds of the program face general optimism and eventually Won the skeptical neighbor.. The announcement of this third space will coincide with the expansion of a safe outdoor space on the northwestern campus of Regis University by March 2022.

What sets this latest site apart is its origin and purpose. According to the city, 9% of people experiencing homelessness in Denver are Native Americans, even though they are less than 2% of the city’s population. The new site will work with organizations such as the Four Winds Indian Council, Spirit of the Sun, and Lakota Way Healing Center to help indigenous peoples more directly.

This space was also a proposed solution to another camp that was born and still operates at the Four Winds American Indian Council, and is ultimately called the Denver Indigenous Refugee Camp.

Cole Chandler, Executive Director of Denver Village Collaborative, said: “There are so many people in the camp and nearby blocks that you can contact them directly here. Many of them happen to be Native Americans.”

Just a few blocks away, Four Winds Building maintains a small camp by providing water and garbage disposal to individuals on the premises. According to data from the Denver Homeless Outloud, the camp faced multiple sweeps during the summer. Several protesters gathered for one sweep on August 31st.

“How can a city break into an area and clear it when the adjacent real estate owner is okay with welcoming people there and is still providing maintenance?” “?” Said Anacornerias, the organizer of DHOL, who participated in multiple Four Winds Sweeps. This new secure open space is just a few blocks away and is an attempt to serve these individuals in a way that does not violate the city’s urban camp ban.

“Without the grassroots leadership of uncontained indigenous peoples, who decided to start a Denver indigenous refugee camp outside the Four Winds American Indian Council and organize and advocate a new safe outdoor space, this would not happen. “I did,” said Chairman Mateo Parsons. Of the Four Winds American Indian Council.

Cornelis said people currently living in camps are likely to move to modern, safe outdoor spaces a few blocks away, but only “if their needs are met.” Be done.

Four Winds still Call for legal action against the city For the August 31 sweep, the city demanded that it stop interfering with what is called a clean and orderly camp that coexists peacefully with the community.

A Lincoln Park plot near Denver Health will be a new safe camping site Source link A Lincoln Park plot near Denver Health will be a new safe camping site

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