“A handful of fanatics” blaming the Capitol riots, Trump’s ally Meadows says in the book | US Capitol Attack


In his new memoir, former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows accuses “only a handful of fanatics” of the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Charged..

“No one will [focus] … About the actions of President Trump’s supporters who came [to Washington on 6 January] Without hatred or malice in their hearts, “he writes. “Instead, they will shine a laser on the actions of a few fanatics throughout the city.”

Throughout his book, Meadows seeks to play Donald Trump’s role in the rebellion over which Meadows himself is. Cooperate With the House Committee under investigation.

The former Chief of Staff has written extensively, supportively and selectively about Trump’s attempt to overturn the election defeat by Joe Biden, whose attack on the Houses of Parliament was deadly.

But while enthusiastically repeating Trump’s lie that his defeat was the result of fraudulent elections, Meadows skated about an attempt to stop certifying the results of the electoral college that caused the mob to attack the Capitol. increase.

For example, Meadows does not mention that Jeffrey Clark, a former Justice Ministry official who tried to persuade Trump to legally overturn his defeat, was at legal risk.

In a report by Jon Karl of ABC News, Clark placed Meadows in the Oval Office on January 3rd. Trying to persuade Trump Dismiss Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, who refused the plan.

In his book Betrayal: The Final Law of the Trump Show, Karl details how Trump was deterred by the threat of mass resignation in the Department of Justice.

Wednesday, January 6th Committee Recommended Clark’s insult. The problem now moves to the house.

Karl also reported that he assisted then-Vice President Mike Pence, who oversaw the proof of results at the Capitol on January 6, and that Meadows himself was pushing ahead with plans to overturn the process.

According to Karl, Meadows sent a note to the Vice President’s staff, written by campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis, claiming that Pence could declare results contested in six major states.

Report another note written by Johnny McEntee, President Trump, Director of Personnel Affairs, Karl writes: “This was all crazy. There was no other way to put it.”

Karl agrees with other reporters on January 4, saying that constitutional scholar John Eastman was not in the Oval Office. Presented his own notes How Pence can quit authentication.

Two days later, in a few hours of chaotic time at the Capitol, the office was looted, mobs ran through the parliamentary hall and paraded the Trump and South Army flags, and lawmakers were rushed safely. I did. Some rioters argued that Pence should be caught and hanged. Five people were killed, including Trump supporters shot by law enforcement and a parliamentary police officer who collapsed the next day.

However, Meadows claims that the mob “had no request from President Trump.”

The Guardian obtained a copy of the book, Chiefs Chief, as Meadows turned around under threat of insult. I agreed to testify Before the House Selection Committee investigating January 6th.

Also this week, Trump’s lawyer argued in court that executive privilege meant that records from his White House should not be published to the panel. The former president argues that the same doctrine should apply to former aides.

Last weekend, California Democrat Adam Schiff Said The January 6 panel wanted to establish “the full role of the former president” in the parliamentary riots.

“That is, what did he know in advance about the tendency of violence that day? Was this essentially a backup plan for failure? [election] National proceedings? Was this what you expected? If the funder knew what was going to happen that day, how was it funded? And since his own Vice President was threatened, what was the president’s reaction when the attack was taking place? “Schiff said.

Quoted sources close to Guardian Trump on Tuesday report Hours before the Capitol attack, Trump called several times from the White House to a hotel ally in Washington to talk about how to suspend certification.

However, Meadows’ books offer few further answers.

Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka Trump, and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows will leave the White House on January 4, 2021. Photo: Erin Scott / REX / Shutterstock

When riding with Trump at a rally near the White House on January 6, Meadows wrote, “Trump was mourning the second term, which was unfairly denied.”

Trump took the stage at the recommendation of his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, for a “duel trial.” Trump’s own words featured his instructions to his supporters to “fight like hell.”

But Meadows claims that the speech was “more modest than usual.”

He also claims that when Trump told the crowd, “We’re going to walk to the Capitol and cheer,” all Republicans who oppose the results of the Electoral College were “ad libs.” ..

Mr. Meadows said he was “speaking figuratively” when Mr. Trump said he would march at the Capitol shortly after the speech. Such a sudden notice. “

In their own Trump book, The Washington Post’s Peril, Bob Woodward, and Robert Costa explain what happened next.

“Thousands of attendees received his advice following Trump’s hour-long speech. They marched down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the Capitol, and when they arrived, they … Despite the petition from, I got closer and closer to the Parliament building [law enforcement]..

“By 1:30 pm, some of the crowd had become mobs, knocked on the doors and demanded entry. 1:50 pm [police] Declared a riot. A possible pipe bomb was discovered nearby.

“After 2 pm, the windows of the Capitol began to shatter. They were in. Many were looking for Mike Pence … outside, a makeshift gallows was erected. Was. “

“A handful of fanatics” blaming the Capitol riots, Trump’s ally Meadows says in the book | US Capitol Attack

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