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    A Guide to Cleaning Dryer Vent

    Your clothes taking longer to dry is a sign you should check your dryer vent for lint. Cleaning dryer vent will make your dryer machine work efficiently and reduce energy consumption. This is because when lint accumulates in the vent, it reduces the efficiency of the dryer. There will be less air circulation in the system, causing some parts not to function well hence more time to dry the clothes.

    Besides taking longer to dry, a dirty vent can cause a fire. When the machine overheats, there can be fire breakout because lint is very flammable. It is therefore essential to clean your dryer vent frequently. The good news is, you do not always have to call a cleaner when it comes to cleaning dryer vent because you can DIY the process. This guide will help you do it like a pro.

    1. Unplug the dryer

    Start by removing the dryer from the power source. This protects you and the dryer from electrical accidents because the power can cause fatal shocks and short circuit your machine. You will then pull the dryer from the wall to locate the vent.

    2. Locate the vent

    The vent for standard dryers is located at the backside of the machine. Follow the vent to the place where it exits the home. Unscrew it from the dryer and the wall. You can first take pictures of how it is fixed for easy re-fixing when you are done cleaning dryer vent.

    3. Completely pull the dryer out of the wall

    Once everything is disconnected, pull the dryer to the center of the house. Loosen the other parts of the machine that also need to be cleaned. Ensure you know how to return them once you are done with the cleaning dryer vent.

    4. Clean the vent

    Once the vent is detached from the machine, use a brush to loosen the dirt. Ensure the brush has soft bristles to avoid damaging the vent. Use a hosepipe and vacuum to suck in the dirt and lint, and ensure you have a plastic garbage bag to deposit the dirt.

    Use a leaf blower to push any debris outside the hose. An auger snake will break the tough dirt that the hose cannot suck. Once it is loosened, remove it with a leaf blower.

    5. Sweep the room

    Remove any lint and dust from the vent using a brush. Most of it might have poured on the floor and can find its way back into the machine. Cleaning the room will leave no chance for the dirt to go back to the dryer.

    6. Return the parts of the dryer

    Return the dryer vent and any other part you had removed to the dryer. Ensure they are all clean and dry. Once everything is back in its place, plug in the machine and test if there is an improvement with a few clothes.

    In case you come across something you are not sure during the cleaning process, contact a professional to guide you through.

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