A “Green” 28,000% Crypto Play?


Believe it or not, one of Blockchain’s implicit secrets is absolutely terrible for the environment. This play may change that!

When I was a kid – there was a commercial I used to play …

It showed that Native Americans canoeed through industrial wastelands before reaching the polluted shores. Roll from his eyes.

“People start pollution … people can stop it.”

That was the line that ended with the Keep America Beautiful commercial.

See here

It was a powerful commercial …

Of course, a few years later, it turned out that the actor Iron Eyes Cody was Italian, not Native American, but I couldn’t really get rid of the impact this commercial had on young whipper snappers like me. did.

That said …

As I remember, I am very environmentally friendly.

Of course, I’m not overkill with that – but when I can recycle, I do – and I try not to waste too much water and resources …

At some point I downsized from Dodge Ram to Honda Fit to save gas. At 6 feet 1 inch and 295 pounds, the sight of getting on and off the Honda Fit must have created a lot of laughter.

But we’re not going to talk here about the physics of putting a big guy in the equivalent of a clown’s car …

We are here to talk about making money.

Become green and make green

But the opportunities we have come at the expense of cryptocurrency and blockchain reputation. Because they are actually bad for the environment.

You may be wondering how “digital currencies” are bad for the environment …

However, it is not the currency itself, but the mining industry, which is a problem as a process of chewing a lot of energy, and actually produces about 96 million tons of CO2 emissions every year.

It’s a lot …

So how can a semi-environmentally conscious investor like me make money from crypto and keep the planet healthy?

Introducing Klima.

As a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), Klima is a crypto project organized to combat the damage that cryptos do to the climate – by creating a house for carbon offsets.

Of course, many people don’t know what carbon offsets are, so let me explain …

Carbon offsets represent a ton of CO2 that is permanently removed from the atmosphere, and you can earn offsets by cultivating renewable energy or planting large numbers of trees.

Therefore, the offset can be obtained by not releasing CO2 into the atmosphere. Or you can get an offset by removing CO2 from the atmosphere …

These offsets are then sold to the entity (government, company, or organization) that needs to be below the limit that some companies enforce to commit to maintain compliance.

Of course, you may need to buy the offset voluntarily …

However, many companies need them if they want to continue their business.

Klima plans to use the funds raised by DAO to buy as many carbon offsets as possible to reduce the number of carbon offsets that can be purchased and boost prices …

But DAO is more than just a ruthless capitalist. They are doing this to get businesses and governments to take more action to mitigate climate damage.

Their idea is that raising the price of offsets will force “repeat criminals” to actually reduce emissions by switching to more environmentally friendly alternatives rather than simply offsetting. Thing…

However, this also benefits the entity creating the carbon offset. This is because it increases the revenue from these entities.

This is the most free market solution to the pollution problem I have ever seen …

And because there is no centralized global market for trading offsets (traded through carbon brokers), Klima could quickly become the official informal home for carbon offsets. This makes KLIMA tokens a way to trade carbon offsets.

Do you play 28,000%?Uh … some kind

This may be big …

In fact, it’s so big that people see this as a future investment, but there are pitfalls.

That 28,000% is not a percentage increase, but the amount of KLIMA that may ultimately be obtained …

Currently, it can be obtained by binding KLIMA to BCT.

What is BCT?

BCT is a cipher in which the actual carbon offset is first verified and then converted to these tokens called Base Carbon Tonnes (BCT) using the Toucan Carbon Bridge. Get the verified carbon offset from the actual registry and exclude it from existence. , And create one BCT at that location.

The staking mechanism reduces supply as it motivates people to lock KLIMA in the long run to benefit from favorable compound interest. Currently, over 99% of KLIMA’s total circulating supply is staken by BCT.

That 28,000% we were talking about?

This is from a user betting on KLIMA. Currently, more KLIMA is rewarded at a rate of about 0.47% every 7.3 hours. Due to the effect of compound interest, this is equivalent to 1.6% daily, 11.4% weekly, 60% monthly and 27,677% more KLIMA annually.

If this project gets on track …

It’s a huge amount of coins that you can profit from.

Are you looking at the beauty of this?

Sure, it’s a little complicated, but not as complicated as you might think.

This is another way for Blockchain to provide us with a way to benefit …

And an opportunity to help make the world a better place.

Not bad, right?

“Pollution is nothing more than a resource we haven’t harvested. We didn’t know their value, so we disperse them.” –R.Buckminster Fuller

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