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What areI the most popular old-school family games that you know of? If bingo comes to mind, well then, bingo! Bingo has been around since the early 1500s, which is pretty amazing as it is still popular among a wide demographic. They exist in many different forms now, from physical bingo sessions to their online versions. Want to start getting into bingo? Read more as we provide you with all the information you need on how to get started! From its different existing forms to its rules, you’ll be ready for your first game in no time!

A quick overview on how to play bingo

Did you know that bingo comes in many variations? Well, this shouldn’t come as a surprise given how long the game has been around. Each type of bingo varies in terms of rules, so let’s take a look at its fundamental rules and some of the differences between each form of bingo!

How does bingo work?

No matter what type of variation of bingo you’re playing, the core aspect of bingo is every player having their own set of numbers, which they will cross out if the number has been picked. So, what’s so special about that? Well, there’s an undying tradition in all forms of bingo, where the person calling out the numbers uses funny rhymes when calling the numbers! If you are an avid player, you’re bound to get familiar with this lingo in no time.

So, how do you win a game of bingo? Well, there are many different ways. Similar to a game of tic-tac-toe, fill up a line of numbers and you can win your special prize! But there are additional perks depending on the game, and filling up certain patterns can help you win a specific prize as well.

Online bingo rules

The bingo rules aren’t complicated, after the first number has been called out, the game begins! If your number has been called, you can mark it out. If you’re playing it on a digital device, it’ll be automatically marked out for you. The game continues until someone wins, that is, marking off one entire line. And, if you’re interested in finding the best no deposit online bingo sites, click here!

Like I mentioned earlier, there may be a situation-specific to a game where it is declared that special prizes can be won for completing different line patterns. In those cases, the games proceed, and may not end until someone marks out their entire list of numbers.

If you attend a physical game of bingo, you may have additional roadblocks when trying to declare your win. As the atmosphere can get extremely vibrant and people get overly enthused and excited, your shouts of victory may be ignored. So remember to stand firm, and be loud and proud when you win!

There are also many pros to playing online bingo. Read below for the non-exhaustive list.


Also mentioned earlier, online bingo platforms mark the numbers down for you

Best card sorting:

The online platform has the ability to analyze and show you the card in which you have the highest probability to win.

Best card highlighting:

You even get a reminder when you’re about to win a game of bingo.

A Free Guide to Winning Your Next Bingo Game

Different types of Bingo

Now that you know the rules of the game, what are the different types of bingos around?

90 ball bingo rules

Each ticket has 15 numbers, and each row has 9 numbers, and each column with 3. The numbers from, yes you guessed it, 1-90 will be randomly picked. You have 3 different ways to win!

1-line win

This occurs when you succeed in marking out the entire row!

2-line win

Just like the 1-line win, but just do it a second time! It’s unnecessary to have them be on the same ticket as the first win, but they all have to list on the same ticket.

Full house win

If you manage to fully complete all the numbers, you have a full house win!

75 Ball Bingo rules

It’s similar to 90-ball bingo, but instead of the 9×3 layout for a ticket, you have 5 rows and columns each.

So, how do you win 75-ball bingo?


If you mark out all the numbers on your card, you’re sure to win at 75-ball bingo.

Line wins

Can’t mark out all? No worries, by completing a single line, you’re already a winner!

Bingo pattern wins

This is extremely common in 75-ball bingo. There will be a specific unique bingo pattern flashed at the start, and the player who manages to mark out the same pattern will be able to win a very special prize.

80 Ball Bingo

This is a relatively new version of bingo, where each ticket has 16 numbers, with 4 numbers in each row and column. These columns also have a different color each. Just like the other forms of bingo, there are many ways to win.

Line wins

This is exactly like 75-ball bingo, where you mark off any straight or diagonal line to win.

Pattern wins

Again, it adopts the unique pattern style of 75-ball bingo. All you have to do is mark out a similar pattern to win!

Playing in Bingo Halls Vs Online Bingo

As mentioned previously, there are many different aspects to playing bingo online, and in a physical setting. While online bingo is much more convenient and easily accessible, there is definitely a nostalgic and fun atmosphere in playing a physical bingo game that can’t be replicated online.

However, due to the rapid advancements of technology, it will be highly possible that online bingo is sure to take over its physical counterpart in the near future, due to its convenience perks.

A Free Guide to Winning Your Next Bingo Game


Now that you’ve learned so much about bingo, I hope you’re just as excited as I am to start your very first bingo experience! Be it online or a physical game, be sure to reach out to your friends and family this weekend to invite them down or online for a game of bingo! You’re sure to have a lot of fun!


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