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    911 call released in death of UNLV student after charity boxing match – Las Vegas, Nevada

    Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-12-04 21:35:00 –

    Family courtesy of Nathan Valencia

    Nathan Valencia and his girlfriend, Lacy Foster, are shown in this dateless photo. Valencia, 20, died at the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center on November 23, a few days after attending a charity boxing match hosted by UNLV Fraternity.

    Saturday, December 4, 2021 | 6:35 pm

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    Nathan Valencia, 20, died at the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center on November 23, a few days after attending an event called Fratanity Fight Night. The event was hosted by Kappa Sigma Fratanity and Valencia participated as a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fratanity. (Courtesy of Nathan Valencia’s family)

    A newly released call audio to 911 shortly after a UNLV student was fatally injured during an off-campus fraternity charity boxing event.

    Call Audio, announced by Clark County authorities late Friday, is the Sahara Event Center, 800E. Avenue showing Nathan Valencia (20) collapsed in the ring at the “Fight Night” event on November 19th, promoted by the Kappa Sigma branch of the University in Karen.

    Valencia was taken to the nearby Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center and injured three days later.

    The Clark County Coroner office determined that Valencia’s death was a murder, and the cause of death was blunt trauma. Several agencies are investigating the case, but metro police said there was no indication of a crime on the part of the venue.

    “He (Valencia) is in the ring,” a female caller told the coordinator. “There are only eight people in the ring here. Everyone else is out. There are nurses here, but they need real medical care.”

    The coordinator said, “OK, and they’re already on their way, okay? They’re coming to you, the lights and sirens …. they’re not too far from you.”

    “Can you confirm with me, is he breathing or is he not breathing?”

    The caller’s answer was edited, and the answer to the question of whether there was “serious” bleeding or whether Valencia was on the alert was also edited.

    “I already have emergency medical care,” said the dispatcher. “Don’t answer the phone. I’ll explain exactly what to do next. Be careful not to move him unless he’s in danger.”

    The call lasted about 7 minutes and ended after the caller informed the coordinator that the rescuer had arrived at the scene. The Sahara Event Center is about a mile from Sunrise.

    An unidentified woman talking to a dispatcher immediately started calling, saying she needed an ambulance and had a fight in the crowd. By the time the battle in the crowd was disbanded, callers said Valencia had collapsed in the ring.

    “So we are hosting a fighting night for a charity of fraternity, and something happened, and we don’t know what happened,” the caller said. .. “The battle broke out and one of the fighters was actually injured.”

    The coordinator replies, “When you said you were hosting a combat event, wasn’t this like an assault?”

    “No,” said the caller.

    Before the ambulance arrived, the woman who called continued to say that the event center had been cleaned up, except for “people essential to the situation.”

    “He (Valencia) is the main and final event of the battle that took place,” the caller said. “Honestly, I was in the VIP section and a civil war broke out, but everyone was fine there.

    “Then, suddenly he is on the floor.”

    The caller’s statement to the dispatcher contradicts Valencia’s family claims.Hours after the announcement by the Nevada Athletic Commission on Tuesday It started the investigation A lawyer representing Valencia’s family who attended the event issued a statement claiming that “any kind” of medical personnel did not attend the event.

    Valencia’s family is represented by Richard Harris LLP, but could not immediately seek comment.

    “We have confirmed from multiple sources that there are no emergency medical personnel or medical personnel of any kind at this event, and hospital attention has been given to participants over the past few years as they have lost consciousness and were injured. I also confirmed that it was necessary. “

    “We hold Nathan’s person responsible for death and prevent this from happening to other sons, daughters, or members of this community.”

    UNLV announced on Wednesday Was interrupted Kappa Sigma’s fraternity is awaiting investigation by the University’s Student Behavior Bureau. Valencia represented Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s fraternity at the main event for Kappa Sigma’s Emmanuel Aleman.

    Kappa Sigma’s national organization began a review on Monday on “whether Kappa Sigma’s internal policies and standards of conduct are being followed,” followed by the UNLV chapter, said Kappa Sigma executive Mitchell Wilson.

    “Kappa Sigma Fratanity expects all our chapters to comply with all applicable state and local laws,” Wilson said in a statement.

    The fighting weigh-in took place at the UNLV Students’ Union two days before the event.

    “Our heart hurts Mr. Valencia’s family, friends, and loved ones,” UNLV President Keith Whitfield said earlier this week. “We have a responsibility to seriously consider this tragic event and the events that led to it. We are thoroughly and fairly considering this so that it never happens again.”

    During the suspension, the UNLV Kappa Sigma branch must suspend all activities and activities, the school said. Its status as a registered student organization has been revoked until the results of a university survey are available.

    The university added, “We will fully cooperate with other independent reviews by state and local agencies.”

    GoFundMe started by Valencia’s girlfriend, Lacey Foster has raised nearly $ 66,000 to cover medical and funeral expenses.

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