90 Day The Single Life Season 2 Trailer Teases Full Cast, INSANE New Season


90 days: Single life I’ll be back in the second season on Friday, November 12th.

A spin-off of the hugely successful Discovery Plus 90 days fiance The franchise adds a unique twist to that premise.

Instead of following an existing couple trying to make it, follow an existing star whose relationship has failed.

We promise two new twists this season.

First, one of the stars wasn’t part of the show’s (romantic) couple. She is the mother of one of the stars of last season.

Second, it’s the first time two franchise alums have fallen into each other after attacking an American exe.

Below you can see a detailed breakdown of the trailer.

You can also see all the glory of the trailer itself.

This will definitely be nuts … and at some point very serious.

Content warning: You can hear gunshots in this video, but not in the shooting range.

1. Natalie Moldovzewa is single and ready to interact

Natalie is part of the single-life cast, as she was accidentally spoiled earlier this year. There she is looking for fresh new dynamics-what she is in charge of-she did not have her marriage Mike Youngquist.

2. Jesse Meister

Jesse Meester

One of the most hated franchise villains and at the same time one of the most handsome, he found no love with Darcy Silva. He’s looking for a new “beauty” in this trailer … and he seems to have found her. Yes, of course there are more shower scenes.

3. Stephanie Mat

Stephanie Matt

Fans were very excited to see the franchise’s first, long-deferred homosexual couple. But Stephanie Matt didn’t just attack Erica Owens. She alienated the entire fan base by playing the villain completely on the screen. Now she wants to break single for more than two years with the right guy or the right gal. She probably also wants to beat some fans.

4. Singin Colchester

Singin Colchester

It seemed like it was only a matter of time before they split, as he and Tania Maduro already knew they weren’t soulmates. Well, they split. They’re always one of the hottest couples to decorate the franchise, but they’re on different paths, and Singin is trying to date a Goth girl, a nun, or someone in between.

5. Debbie Johnson

Debbie Johnson

Debbie is Colt Johnson’s mother, Larissa Lima’s former mother-in-law, and Vanessa Gera’s current mother-in-law. She became a widow a dozen years ago and hasn’t dated for 40 years. Now she wants to change that. We support her with all our heart and invest in finding happiness.

6. Big Ed Brown

Big Ed Brown

Franchise villain (and real-life villain) Big Ed Brown doesn’t seem interested in giving up his days as a giant creep, so instead he’s changing something more superficial-his Remove the hair. Fans are already guessing Ed’s next move as we saw him with two low-income single mothers younger than his daughter (he obviously has a type).

7. Natalie wants something different

Natalie wants something different

We go on a date, talk about her goals, and see a man tell her he’s clinically dead for 30 minutes … a classic weird dating Shenanigan.

8. Hot and humid side

The sultry side

One of Stephanie’s dates takes place in the bathtub, where she and the hottie discuss different sexual positions before kissing. Whether Stephanie is better than this season or not, you know that some people … go along with character development.

9. Jesse finds his hottie

Jesse finds his hottie

In addition to the shower scene where he’s reborn and feels almost virginal (thank you), you can also see who he is with.

10. Jennifer Tarazona

Jennifer Tarazona

When Jennifer was dating Tim Malcolm, we all saw Jennifer, but that didn’t work. She tried to date a decent man who respects her, so now she is dating the opposite.

11. At least she keeps her choices open

At least she keeps her choices open

When Jennifer reveals to the camera, she’s dating someone else. Jesse has some competition.

12. Debbie doesn’t want to be a friend zone

Debbie doesn

As she tells the camera, she rather wants to be in the “f–k zone”. Well, mood.

13. Singin Chat with Tania

Singin chat with Tania

It’s not clear why they’re chatting on the camera, but he reminds her that they’re no longer with her and aren’t trying to make her happy anymore.

14. Big Ed goes on a date

Big Ed goes on a date

I don’t know who this is, but this date doesn’t go as planned.

15. Ed still believes he deserves love

Ed still believes he deserves love

Maybe more fans will agree with him if he starts treating women better than either of the two women he dated on-screen (or some of the women he dated off-screen). .. Dating someone older than his daughter can be a great help to show that he is not creep.

16. Gunshot?


On this day, Ed hears a gunshot-sounding sound, sends the production and fellow guests to the ground, crawls out the window and escapes, perhaps to a safer place in the restaurant. That’s horrible.

Check out the trailer

It seems to be sexy, awkward, fun, unpleasant, entertaining, and miserable. I can’t really wait.

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