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    90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days Recap: Jasmine Pineda BLASTS Gino Palazzolo for Leaving a Tip!

    Things got awkward in many more ways than one in Season 5, Episode 3. 90 days fiance: 90 days ago..

    If you’re busy during the holiday season and can’t catch the entire episode, don’t worry.

    We have a complete summary for you.

    The most eye-catching was Gino and Jasmine’s attempt on the first date … the last one that went out of control.

    In Turkey, Caleb and Alina met for the first time after 13 years of friendship.

    We are finally introduced to Ella, an Idaho girl who is crossing the moon for her “Prince of Asia” Johnny.

    She already divides her fans, but we support her happiness.

    Kimberly arrived in Zanzibar and met Usman in person for the first time … and she has some gifts for him.

    In the last few hours before Memphis arrives in Tunisia, Hamza introduces himself and his family.

    And while Mike is packing for a trip to Colombian, Ximena introduces herself and her little son.

    1. Gino Palazzoro and Jasmine Pineda

    Perhaps the most not-to-be-missed couple of the season (so far) has already gathered in Panama and is having their first face-to-face date as a couple. They go out for a supper, where Gino orders a very typical burger like the one available in America … and meatless Jasmine compares and approves him (to the camera) with T-Rex. It doesn’t seem to be.

    2. Jasmine gets the text

    Jasmine gets the text

    Most people check to ignore notifications. Jasmine stands behind Gino in a slightly intimate position and shows him her phone so that she can see her message. This is when Jasmine realizes that this is the level of access he wants to make a round trip to him. Sure enough, when he unplugs and grants her access, he sees friend requests from strangers on Instagram. Jasmine deletes his request.

    3. But in most cases the date works fine

    But in most cases the date works fine

    Gino will pay the invoice for the day, but that’s not a big deal … until Jasmine decides to make it.

    4. Gino wants to leave a tip

    Gino wants to leave a tip

    There are subtle differences in the tip debate (not at all in some countries, and history in the United States actually derives from racism in the 19th century), but it’s still good. Oddly, Gino suggests that a 15% tip is “good”, which isn’t true (more than 20% unless the waiter personally and intentionally stabs you), but this particular It doesn’t matter on the date of.

    5. Jasmine tells him not to tip

    Jasmine tells him not to tip

    Specifically, she says there is a vacant tip bill because many American tourists are out of habit, but Panama people can’t afford to tip, so Gino She says you shouldn’t leave a tip.

    6. Unfortunately she is not a joke


    Jasmine publicly smoked and accused Gino of ruining things when he protested at all about the good service Gino received. She also later accuses him of having some sort of “thing” for either that particular waitress or a general waitress.

    7. Anger continues back in the hotel room

    Anger continues back in the hotel room

    She demands that Gino give Gino a reasonable space in itself, but the mysterious origin of her anger is neither rational nor fair.

    8. She closes the door

    She closes the door

    Jasmine spends time in the sideroom, but Gino admits to the camera that this was around the time he was taking one of his famous ridiculous pills … if the date got better. So far, he doesn’t feel like having sex tonight.

    9. Suddenly things change

    Suddenly things change

    When Jasmine appeared in see-through blue lingerie, Gino was working on unpacking (or something) in the closet. Gino is initially unaware of what he is wearing.

    10. He notices immediately

    He notices immediately

    Gino is very reasonably and almost silently stunned by Jasmine’s incredible body and her lingerie. She feels clearly more friendly than just a few minutes ago.

    11. Very friendly mood

    Very friendly mood

    While Gino was happy to hear the magical words … what exactly changed while she was behind the door? Except for Jasmine’s outfit and attitude, that’s it.

    12. Apparently she decided to make peace

    Apparently she decided to make peace

    It doesn’t sound like Jasmine regrets getting angry with Gino or claiming not to leave a tip, but instead she decides she doesn’t want to break their relationship with this. As … and it would be great time to have sex.

    13. She is a huge horny person, people


    Jasmine describes himself as having a “beast” in himself and wants Gino to be able to assess and catch up with that aspect of her.

    14. Then the viewer was … exposed to this

    Then the viewer was ... exposed to this

    I’m convinced that it’s awkward to shoot with a camera in a completely bright room with the production standing around the bed, with clothes on. But this doesn’t have to be a nuisance. Also, yes, Jasmine asked, but Gino refused to remove his hat again. We are starting to get the girly atmosphere of the Green Ribbon.

    15. Caleb Greenwood and Alina Kasha

    Caleb Greenwood and Arina Kasha

    The arena is anxiously waiting at the airport. She and Caleb have been friends for 13 years, but this conference in Turkey is the first time we’ve seen each other face-to-face. This time, they are more than friends, so they both want to know if their chemistry is as good as it was online.

    16. Arina is unaware that Caleb was late in cleaning up herself to meet her

    The arena is unaware that Caleb was late in cleaning up himself to meet her

    But they close their eyes and are very excited to meet.

    17. They hug!

    They hug!

    Alina and her friend Elijah (which is quickly becoming a fan favorite) jokingly about Caleb and his muscular arms and wide shoulders hugging her when she meets her. Remember what you were doing. Those jokes have come true.

    18. It’s great to meet at last


    It’s clear that the producer’s question is intended to make both say awkward (it’s their job, we understand it), but Caleb doesn’t seem to slip, Looking directly at Alina only admits that it’s different-he already knew.

    19. Speaking of different …

    Speaking of different ...

    The arena teaches Caleb how to fold a chair. It’s after helping him push her and his luggage. Alina fears this is Caleb’s bad first impression, but to be honest, he’s obviously exhausted and his luggage is awkward than her and her chair.

    20. Caleb and Arina get along easily

    Caleb and Alina easily get along

    They joked, and at some point Caleb suggested they could drive in tandem-he manages the wheels and Alina pushes the pedals. It’s cute, but it doesn’t necessarily stop you from touching your passion that Arina would have wanted to feel.

    21. The hotel has stairs and no elevator

    The hotel has stairs and no elevator

    Caleb takes the arena to the stairs-and very easily-she is clearly grateful.

    22. Arina does not hide the secret

    Arina doesn

    She tells Caleb that Elijah spent the night there the night before. Caleb isn’t worried about it for obvious reasons. Instead, when Elijah has a nightmare, he jokes that they may wake up tonight as Elijah tries to join them like a child running to his parents.

    23. Things get a little horny

    Things get a little horny

    Caleb shares that he is snuggling up to Plato with a friend and demonstrating with Arina-and while the movement is not sexual, Arina’s idea is clearly. She jokes and asks if Caleb will make up with his friends. This is a clear sign to make up with her, regardless of the answer. Caleb is so tired that he didn’t receive the invitation because he’s not ready to check with the camera or goes to clean up before going to bed.

    24. It’s not the way Arina painted their first night

    Not the way Arina painted their first night

    The arena doesn’t know that, but he’s not just tired of the plane-he feels sick and wants to clean himself before fainting to catch up with sleep.

    25. Ella Johnson and Johnny

    Ella Johnson and Johnny

    Ella is 29 years old from Aidaho and episode 3 is her first “meet”. There will be no direct introduction to Johnny until next week, but Ella has already said a lot about herself and him.

    26. Professional Tips: Producers’ suggestions are not always the best way to go

    Professional Tip: Producers

    You see, Ella probably said she had a sword and a practice dummy, and production was a bit confused to encourage her to show her sword skills for them in full costume. It seems that he was in the dark. Why? Because they know how the viewer reacts.

    27. Ella has a keen interest in Asian culture and entertainment

    Ella has a keen interest in Asian culture and entertainment

    Before that, Ella was fascinated by fantasy stories as a child. You don’t need an excuse to get interested in interesting books, television, or other media, but in the case of Ella, she feels it’s a form of escapism.

    28. Growth has never been easier

    Growth was not easy

    From a very young age, Ella suffered, was eliminated and embarrassed by cruel jabs and abuses based on her weight, or more precisely, the weight of her peers.

    29. She describes her perfect man

    She describes her perfect man

    For trademark reasons, she probably can’t say who or what the show is, but she says her dream man is based on the anime “blueprint”-red hair, green. Eyes, and the fox man the devil in him. Many may think of Naruto at first, but in my humble opinion, she’s talking about Yu Yu Hakusho’s nine words.

    30. But her anime dream husband isn’t real, but Johnny is real

    But while her anime dream husband isn

    She met Johnny through a dating app designed to connect white women and Asian men. Yes, it’s very specific and sounds like a fetish. It’s a big concern for many viewers about the story of Ella and Johnny.

    31. Ella says this goes in both directions

    Ella says this goes in both directions

    According to her, Johnny is also obsessed with American culture. For Asian Americans, that’s not exactly the same, but since Johnny lives in China, it probably seems the same.

    32. Watch them chat

    Watch them chat

    Now, some viewers are already aware that Ella seems to be modifying the photo before sending it, but because she’s doing a video chat, Ella looks like she’s. Seems to have a pretty good idea about what.

    33. Ella wants to marry Johnny someday

    Ella wants to marry Johnny someday

    She grows up on a cow ranch and wants to be able to take over management with her when she gets married.

    34. Her mom is worried

    Her mom is worried

    Ella’s mother, Debbie, knows her daughter has problems with self-esteem and body image, and is worried that men will use her to take advantage of it. She doesn’t know what’s going on with Johnny, but she’s worried and doesn’t want to see her daughter’s heart broken again.

    35. Ella meets a friend

    Ella meets a friend

    Corby has been her best friend since high school and is there to support her journey while Ella prepares Johnny to visit her in Idaho.

    36. By the way … Johnny has a son

    By the way ... Johnny has a son

    Johnny’s son lives full-time with Johnny’s parents, so Johnny can travel for work, but his mother has been away from photography for a long time. Ella says she and Johnny’s little son have a good relationship (his son hums a word she doesn’t understand, but is very excited when she’s on the phone), but she Sees it as Johnny’s potential danger signal and is willing to leave his son for so long.

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