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    80th Pearl Harbor Remembrance events include solemn ceremonies, live underwater dive – Honolulu, Hawaii

    Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-12-05 13:19:44 –

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    National Park Services and the Navy Region Hawaii, with the support of the Pacific Historical Park, are part of the 80th National Pearl Harbor Memorial Day to honor the lives of 2,390 Americans lost during the attack on Pearl Harbor. We are holding a series of events from Sunday to Thursday. And Oahu on December 7, 1941.

    Unless otherwise stated, the event is not open to the public. See for more information. When Pearl Harbor, Many of the events will be livestreamed.

    >> USS Nevada Memorial Hall formula: 1 pm on Sunday. Basic access is required.

    USS Nevada, the oldest battleship in Battleship Row on December 7, 1941, managed to progress during the attack, but was subsequently damaged and stranded near Hospital Point. Family and friends gather at a historic hospital point to celebrate the crew and the legacy of USS Nevada.

    >> USS Utah Sunset Memorial Ceremony: Open to the public; 5 pm on Monday. Basic access is required.

    The ceremony honors the loss of USS Utah and 58 crew members after the ship was sunk by a torpedo during the attack on Pearl Harbor. USS Utah was the first ship to launch a torpedo in an attack. It sank after 12 minutes.

    >> 80th memorial formula: Invitation only. Tuesday at 7:40 am.

    About 150 World War II veterans, including about 40 Pearl Harbor survivors, will attend the Kilo Pier for the main ceremony. 800 civilians have won lottery seats to watch the live stream at the visitor center at Pearl Harbor National Memorial. This year’s ceremony, Courage, Sacrifice, and Peace, pays homage to the sacrifices of those who died in the attack, in honor of the final victory of their allies in World War II.

    The ceremony begins at 7:50 am with a statement by Tom Leatherman, director of the National Park Service’s Pearl Harbor National Memorial. Maj. Gen. Timothy Kott in the Navy Region Hawaii. Keynote speaker, Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro. The event will also feature Pacific Fleet Bands, lease presentations and elevated roads.

    >> USS Oklahoma: Re-detention of unknowns: Invitation only. 11:00 am on Tuesday.Livestreaming at

    The Navy, in collaboration with the Defense POWs / MIA Accounting Office and the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, will host the recontainment of the remaining 33 unknown seafarers in USS Oklahoma. Project Oklahoma’s six-year effort has identified 355 of the 388 seafarers and Marines.

    >> USS Oklahoma Memorial formula: Open to the public; Tuesday at 2:00 pm. Basic access is required.

    World War II veterans, members of the U.S. and Allied forces, friends, and family are the 429 crew members of USS Oklahoma, who were killed on December 7, 1941 in a Pearl Harbor attack during a ceremony on Ford Island. I pay tribute to you. Casualties included 415 sailors and 14 Marines, who continued to fight after the ship was hit by eight torpedoes. The ninth torpedo sank and hit the ship when it began to capsize.

    >> USS Arizona Burial of Lieutenant Harvey Milhorn: Invitation only. 4 pm on Tuesday.

    The Pearl Harbor National Memorial, in collaboration with the US Navy Region Hawaii, will perform the 45th intervention of USS Arizona survivor Lieutenant Harvey Milhorn on December 7, 1941. This person swam safely on Ford Island and received medical care. He was eventually relocated to USS Tennessee and embarked on various ships during World War II. Milhorn, who retired from the US Navy as a fully appointed lieutenant, died in 2002.

    >> Test run of destroyer USS Daniel Inouye: Invitation only. Wednesday 9:45 am.Livestreaming at

    The Navy will commission DDG118, USS Daniel Inouye in Pearl Harbor. The ship was awarded the late Medal of Honor and is named after a longtime Senator from Hawaii.

    >> USS Utah Live Diving: Thursday at 11:00 am.Livestreaming at You can see it on the screen of Pearl Harbor Visitor Center.

    The Pearl Harbor National Memorial will collaborate with the National Park Service-Underwater Resources Center to conduct the first ever virtual interactive live dive in USS Utah, the only other vessel to capsize on December 7, 1941. NPS Divers US Navy Region Hawaii – Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit 1 divers are supported and accompanied. Viewers can see the underwater ruins of USS Utah.

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    80th Pearl Harbor Remembrance events include solemn ceremonies, live underwater dive Source link 80th Pearl Harbor Remembrance events include solemn ceremonies, live underwater dive

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