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    7 Ways Republicans Are Already Undermining 2024 Elections | David Daily

    American democracy suffered two brutal blows on January 6th.

    Initially burnt In the spirit of the people: costumed rebels plunder the US Capitol, attack the Capitol police, interrupt The number of electoral colleges required by the Constitution.They got Closer than anyone can imagine Some were hiding behind Vice President Mike Pence and other terrifying leaders Temporary office furniture barricade..

    Then, with the marble corridor still stained with blood, 147 elected Republicans It was maneuvered across the broken glass Vote for rebels..Around it 11:00 pm A majority of Republicans voted to reject free and fair election results from Arizona. 2 hours laterA similar number refused to accept results from Pennsylvania, when the tired country slept.

    A year later, it’s Second band of the rebelsWearing a suit and tie that poses the most serious threat. The next attempted coup is not a violent overthrow of the Capitol, but a carefully planned, technically legal one that destroys the election system and exploits various constitutional loopholes. To It’s going well.. The plotter learned an important lesson from the often whimsical dress rehearsals in a hurry last year.The new law passed Instead by the legislature under the pretext of stopping the “electoral fraud” that commits the next big lie. It’s horribly imaginable to see how it succeeds.

    They are, Republican We are currently working on producing different results next time.

    1. Gerrymandering Swing State Parliament. It all starts here.. Every effort to change the election law or claim that the legislature has the power to appoint voters requires the Republicans to control the fierce battle state legislature.

    2. Restrict access to voting. In 2021 19 states enact 34 legislation It will be more difficult to vote. They included Arizona (decided with only 10,457 votes in 2020) and Georgia, the most fierce battlefields of 2020.

    3. Capture election management. Republican legislature 8 states, Sometimes invalidating the Democratic Governor’s veto, Insisted on partisan rule of important election responsibility Or, they kept them away from the elected Secretary of State.Georgia Republican Accusation Republican Secretary of State Brad Rafence refuses to succumb to Trump’s attack on the election process Deleted him As Chair of the State Election Commission – and Seized Its power for the legislature itself.Another law authorizes this board Claim management An overview of the ballot counting process in individual counties, such as the democratic Fulton County, home of Atlanta.Arizona Ban The Secretary of State will represent the state in a proceeding in favor of election law, that is, until January 2, 2023, when the Democrats currently in that position resign.Now Texas need The Governor, Vice-Governor, and Speaker of the House each approve grants of over $ 1,000 to the Local Election Commission. popular the method of Expanded voting access In urban and rural areas in 2020, citing economic reasons for the state to close its precincts.

    4. Pressure and criminalize the work of electoral authorities. Many new state laws not only make it harder for citizens to vote, but also make it more difficult for nonpartisan electoral workers to do their jobs. Georgia, Texas, and Florida have imposed civil penalties and fines of up to $ 25,000 for minor technical violations. This obstructs the support provided by non-partisan officials as needed, obstructs the view of partisan voting workers, and can even expose them to criminal prosecution. ..

    According to a survey by the Brennan Center and the Bipartisan Policy Center, one-third of elected workers report anxiety about their work. As many as 25% say that a toxic and bullying climate can cause them to quit their jobs. What was their successor to what was once a nonpartisan, uncompetitive, volunteer position? True believers of big lies are looking for an office that believes they stole the 2020 elections from them. This is a “five alarm fire,” Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson told The New York Times.

    5. Targeting major elections in 2022. Only vetoed Democratic governors are blocking Florida / Georgia / Texas-style omnibus voting restrictions in gerrymander-rich Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. If the Republicans claim these offices in 2022, anything is possible.Republican Wisconsin When Pennsylvania Previously, it was suggested to assign electoral colleges by parliamentary district rather than by state as a whole. This could exacerbate the influence of partisan gerrymandering and benefit Republicans in democratic states.under Wisconsin ProposalEven if Biden got more votes, Trump would have won eight out of ten voters.

    Playing cards have approved Former Fox Anchor as the next governor of Arizona he saidWill fight to restore election integrity (both past and future!) “.. Meanwhile, two major Republican candidates for the Secretary of State, Arizona, were two members of the state legislature, one of whom participated in the January 6 riots in the Capitol.other Sponsoring the bill It allowed the legislature to refuse voter recognition and could overturn free and fair results.

    Whole country, 10 out of the top 15 candidates for the Secretary of State in five important fierce battle states Question the results of the 2020 race..

    6. Convince the bass. According to the new NPR / Ipsos poll Two-thirds of Republicans We believe that fraudulent voting helped Biden win the 2020 elections. In a new poll at the University of Massachusetts, 71% of Republicans Biden said he was not a legally elected president. One-third of Trump voters told NPR that they believed in the conspiracy theory that the January 6 attack was a false flag operation by “Donald Trump’s opponents, including Antifa and government agencies.”

    Trump couldn’t overturn the 2020 results, but probably achieved something that would do almost as much damage. Not only did the “big lie” take hold, but it became sacred to the majority of angry Republicans who were convinced that Trump had been fooled from the second term. If this same death to allegations of fake fraud drives Republican elected officials in Congress and the Legislature in 2024, the Democratic candidate wins, but is dominated by the Republican Parliament and is a constitutional confrontation. It’s dauntingly easy to imagine a competing set of electors emerging from a state that is forced to test. Legislature authority over electors.

    7. Guarantee that the court will not save us. be careful Independent state legislature doctrine (ISL). After stealth efforts were once made in the federalist association’s legal community, this extreme interpretation of the US Constitution has as many as four supporters in the US Supreme Court, which is full of conservatives.Constitution to state legislature Only authority Set independent rules for all elections, including voting assignments for electoral colleges, to avoid being affected by judicial review. With regard to election law, it is virtually impossible to check and balance the power of the legislature. It may sound ridiculous.However, in February last year, when the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed the objection to the extension of the absentee vote in Pennsylvania as invalid, three judges Disputed and quoted ISL..

    If 2020 repeats in 2024, Democratic candidates who won 7 million votes in the popularity poll, the same narrow margins in Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin, and the ambitious Republicans who dominate the Gerrymandering Parliament, It’s hard to imagine the system going a long way. It was done just a little over a year ago.

    Of course, Republicans can always win the 2024 election altogether. But there is no mistake. Once you’re ready, you’re ready to go either way. They take almost three years to complete this playbook. Our people, who believe in American democracy, have much less time left to prevent it, and are on a much more complicated path.

    7 Ways Republicans Are Already Undermining 2024 Elections | David Daily

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