7 Things You Should Expect While On Online Dating Platforms


Online dating has been the trend since a few years back. It has been the go-to avenue for people who are having a hard time finding a date on a normal basis. It attracts single people and people whose only intention is to either be friendly or fool around and get laid. Hence, determining one’s motive should be one of your considerations in deciding to venture into online dating.

The easy accessibility of online dating comes with risks and consequences. Thus, if you are new to the idea of finding a partner virtually, you have to manage your expectations. Ask yourself about your intentions and your end goal. If you do not have the answer yet, here are some pointers you can try exploring.

You Might Get Indecent Proposals Onset Of The Conversation

It is common knowledge that online dating is a nest for people who only want to get laid. Do not be surprised or be offended if you get indecent proposals on your first few matches. Just reiterate your intentions and politely unmatched them. Yes, you can “unmatch” people, just like how you can block people on Facebook.

On the flip side, getting laid is not wrong as long as you are not forcing yourself into someone. It is essential to understand that an intention like this needs mutual agreement. And if you do get an understanding, then off you go. Get the most out of it. You can surprise your potential sexual partner by bringing an adult toy such as toys from Lelo.

You Won’t Get The Match At First Try

You might get disappointed for not getting a match during your first day. Don’t be. Online dating apps match people randomly, given that you both hit like on each other’s photos. The technique, though, if you are new, is to keep “swiping right.” It means you should always hit the like button. “The more entries, the more chances of winning,” they say.

However, if you want to know who liked your photos, there is a VIP-like system within these apps. You’d pay for it monthly though, but it lets you see who wants you, and you can decide whether to like them back or not.

It Takes Time Before You Find Your Perfect Match

Once you already have a couple of matches, it will now come down to the conversations that you’d be doing. Finding the perfect match requires time and attention. Therefore, it might take you long before saying, “this person is perfect for me.” Be patient and thoroughly know your “matches.”

Everyone Is As Cautious As You Can Be

Understand that most people you will be matched with will not be as nice or open to conversations during the first time. It is given that you have to be cautious as much as possible.

Hence, preliminary questions should be asked, especially when determining authenticity. Determine if the person is real and not some posers who steal an identity from famous people or people with pretty faces.

It Will Take A Bunch Of Your Time

If you are serious about online dating, know that it can take a whole lot of your time. It will be evident when you already have few prospects that you really like. You will then talk to them most of the time to know them better. Hence, as time goes by, you will not even notice that you are already invested.

Rejection Is Normal

As much as getting likes and matches energizes you, there will be times that you will get unmatched and unlike. But hey, it is normal. You’d be sad; however, you have to accept the fact that you can’t please everybody. Let it go, and you should look forward to your future matches.

Meeting Up Can Surprise You

The most exciting part of online dating is the “meeting up” stage. After days and months of talking through the dating app, the day finally comes when you two decide to meet up in person. It only means that you trust each other enough that you would agree to a date for real.

On the contrary, meeting up can be risky too. Some people would quickly agree to meet up, even just within a day of talking through the dating app. As a result, some get victimized because of carelessness.

Hence, it is critical to note that before meeting up with someone, make sure that you can trust them and that they are real. Ask for their real names. Look them up. Prioritize your safety as much as possible.


Managing your expectations is the first step before engaging yourself in online dating. Know what you want and set up a bar for red flags. Ask friends who are already on the virtual scene. Once you already have enough ideas, you are now equipped and ready for the virtual dating adventure that awaits you.

Remember, online dating is fun. However, it can also be risky. Know your limits and rely on your instincts. Build trust and, most importantly, prioritize your safety.

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