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    7 Reasons Your Body Feels Heavy and Tired

    I love my sleep. I always try to get at least 8 hours every night. I leave the party early so that I can go to bed at my usual time, but even after a good night’s sleep, I still feel tired and wake up in the morning. Whenever that happens, I read the mental checklist, grab a straw and explain to myself why I feel so moody: why do I feel tired? Did you drink too much last night? Did I get up after my usual bedtime? Did you press Snooze 12 times with the alarm? Eight hours of sleep at night shouldn’t cause chronic fatigue, right?

    No matter how good your sleep is, no matter what you call it, you can feel mentally tired, burned out, weakened, and worn out. Most of the time, you are so tired that you don’t even have the time or sensation to see it clearly.

    The answer is right in front of you, but you didn’t have the opportunity to take a step back and analyze your situation. Maybe you don’t like work or you’re worried about paying rent, or you’re not actively thinking about it. How is that all happening? It is planted in your subconscious and lurks there, devouring your morale.

    That worn-out sensation is a cumulative combination of unthinkable stressful situations, a fusion of past worries and future anxieties. We are not talking about your regular physical fatigue from a long day of work standing at your feet. This is purely between your ears. You are overstimulated and it is dragging you. But what is the real reason behind this brain fog? Why do you feel tired?

    The first place to look is stress. This is the body’s natural reaction to new challenges and demands. Where in your life are you currently stressed?

    Most pain, tiredness, or emotional fatigue is a direct result of stress. Whether you’re running to catch a morning bus, praying for a parking lot, or worrying about water leaks from your ceiling, your daily life is full of small stressors. When these little stressors pile up out of control, you find yourself crouching white all day long.

    Mental malaise is simply long-term stress. It’s been spending days like the above over and over again for months until it’s finally heavy enough to drag you to the ground. You can’t stay alive like this.

    You may have experienced this in the form of a “midlife crisis,” or even in the form of a quarter-life crisis, where you stop and realize that you never pursued what you once wanted and dreamed of. Life passed you in a blink of an eye. What happened to the “purpose” you once wanted to get out of your life? Maybe I wanted to be an artist, but suddenly I turned 43, looking down and sitting in a conference room surrounded by suits and boring charts.

    You are lying your way through life and tired of taking action.

    Why do you feel tired?

    “Depression, anxiety, phobia … so many things can be disguised in a way that keeps a person’s inner struggle normal.” — Morgan Housel

    There are many reasons why you may feel tired. You may have been completely asleep for hours and then ask yourself after waking up. Why am I still tired?

    Why? This is because there are other possible reasons for this malaise other than inadequacy or lack of sleep. Here are some reasons why you may feel tired.

    1. High-voltage occupation (emergency response personnel and teachers)

    Working in a very stressful scene like an ER or a police station is a clear input of stress. After long hours of work and high-level decision-making in crisis situations, periods of rest, relaxation and reporting should follow.

    2. Long working hours

    Consistently timing 12-14 hours of days over weeks can drag you down. Many professions require this type of work each season, like an accountant during the tax season. But when you spend a lot of time a week all year long and you can’t see the end, mental fatigue can be chronic.

    3. Financial stress

    For obvious reasons Your finances It can cause long-term stress and constant worries, leading to fatigue. How can you enjoy life when you can’t afford to do what you love? No matter how much you sleep, you will still feel tired if something in your heart is bothering you like an economic problem.

    4. Dissatisfied with your work

    When asking myself, “Why do I feel tired?” Also, ask, “Are you satisfied with your work?”

    Many people roam their lives with jobs they dislike. Whether you’re an unruly boss, a team you work with, or a customer who’s tired of hearing complaints, you’ll have a grudge against your work or personal life when you’re stuck with a dissatisfied job. There is a possibility.

    5. Clutter

    Whether you’re a naturally messy person, life becomes so enthusiastic that even if you don’t even have the opportunity to clean and organize, confusion plays a major role in mental exhaustion. Stepping into a clear workspace and calm environment changes your mental clarity. This can also affect productivity and attitudes towards work.

    6. Avoidance and procrastination

    If you feel tired, it may be because something behind your head is bothering you. You may have some responsibilities that you have to do or have not done yet. If you postpone things too long, the monkey-like stress on your back will cause you to climb on top of you. Avoiding and procrastinating your responsibilities are some possible causes of why you feel tired.

    7. Living with chronic pain and illness

    It’s hard enough to live a stressful life. On top of that, there are chronic back pain and birth defects, and it’s like taking care of two separate people yourself. This can also cause resentment, bitterness, and irritation around the person you love, even the person who supports and cares for you.

    8. Death of a loved one

    Losing close friends and family is something that everyone has experienced and will never be easy. Many people play tough, tell their loved ones that it’s okay, and try to handle it well. But the reality is that it is squeezing them.

    Be honest with yourself about it and have someone you can talk to.Your experience sorrow Not sharing it with anyone alone may be the reason you feel tired.

    9. Lack of purpose

    Life must have Purpose.. Every individual has a purpose that is completely unique to the situation. It can be guided by religion, profession, or the ultimate life goal to aim for, such as writing a book or owning a business. Without the ultimate goal, you are prone to depression, which can lead to mental fatigue.

    What should I do when I’m tired?

    “When you are suffering from something, look at all the people around you and understand that everyone you see is suffering from something, and for them it is your experience It’s as difficult as what you’re doing. ” — Nicholas Sparks

    1. Talk about it

    It may sound obvious, but talking to someone through these struggles is a form of treatment in itself. Maybe someone is experiencing the same type of thing you are experiencing right now. Don’t hide it. Open it up and learn how others treated it. It’s more general than you think.

    2. Find an outlet or hobby

    One way to help find joy in a life of fatigue is to go home hobby.. Do what you like and do something a little rewarding and relax from work. Learn how to play the guitar, play video games with your kids, read books, and learn new recipes to cook for your family. Keep your mind away from whatever you are worried about. Focus completely on the process and get out of anxiety.

    3. Be realistic

    You can’t do everything. Look at your schedule and be honest with yourself and the people around you about what one person can do in a day. You cannot change the world by yourself. Do not proudly ask with the help of others. Putting the weight of the world on your shoulders may be the reason why you feel tired.

    4. Arrive early

    It took me years in my life to figure out how quickly I could relieve stress. If you wake up 5 minutes ago, you can relax for 5 minutes and think about whether you have forgotten something before you leave the door. Departing 5 minutes before a regular event, it takes 5 minutes to arrive and secure a suitable seat, explore the scene, talk to someone and learn something about the place.

    Being early allows you to relax and be completely comfortable, rather than rushing through your life. Settle down faster than anyone else and have the mental advantage of being prepared for everything.

    5. Exercise more and try healthier habits

    Exercise is probably the last thing you want to do. But have you ever regretted training? There is a 100% chance that you will feel better and gain the momentum to have a great day.

    Try healthier habits. Let’s go for a walk as soon as we get out of bed. Try new vegetables once a week. Drink more water. Stand up more. Replace dessert with fruit. If you drink 10 cups of coffee a day, be sure to go without coffee one day a month. Healthier habits ultimately lead to a happier life in more ways than you might think.

    6. Journal

    Just like talking about your problem Journaling It’s a great way to not only get your thoughts out of your head, but also to clarify your feelings. As you write, you will find that you didn’t really understand what you were thinking. Writing helps it. Do it often.

    7. Take care of something

    Keep a pet. If you are not ready for your dog, buy some plants to take care of. This distracts you from yourself and focuses on something that depends on you for your livelihood. It keeps everything in sight and helps relieve stress and fatigue.

    8. Meditate

    This is a very worn-out remedy, but meditation really helps to develop a sense of clarity and calm in your life’s thoughts. Researchers have found that meditation “reduced the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.”

    You don’t have to sit with your legs crossed and your fingers rounded.Oooommmmmm.Meditation can take the form you are comfortable with. Sometimes you take a deep breath before you get out of the car, and sometimes you close your eyes and think of your loved one when you’re having a hard time.

    Sometimes I close my eyes before going to bed and imagine my future. Imagine loved ones hugging me and saying “Congratulations”. For what? I don’t know, but I’m stuck in the idea of ​​success.

    Final idea

    Dr. Alice Boyes, author of The Healthy Mind Toolkit:

    “The more we work on systems to reduce stress and over-decision, the more mental energy we have.”

    This applies to so many areas. Work on habits and routines that eliminate the number of decisions you make. The more trained you are in these areas, the more freedom you have to do to do what you really want or need. But also understand how you are getting in your own way.

    Author Tim Ferriss likes to ask himself, “How do you help create the conditions I don’t want?” Or “What is the story I tell myself that hinders narcissism?”

    Look at the actions and routines that make up your life. Are there any small adjustments I can make to get out of my way? What would this look like if it were easy? From time to time, asking questions like this can lead to surprisingly simple solutions and answer the question, “Why do I feel tired?”

    As I said, everyone is struggling in their own way. How you manage stress can be completely different from others. By understanding that you are vulnerable and capable of overcoming this fatigue, you can begin to find meaning. When you develop a consistent and positive habit, that momentum attracts more positive momentum. Oh, and sleep well!

    More tips to help you when you feel tired

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    7 Reasons Your Body Feels Heavy and Tired

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