6 Tips to Stop Procrastinating Your Life


You sit at your desk, open your computer, and work on an urgent project. wait a minute. Check another Twitter notification before you actually get started. If you don’t have an app to stop procrastination, you’ve just entered the procrastination rabbit hole.

After three hours, you’ll notice that you’re scrolling through Pinterest, a bridesmaid dress to adjust colors, and a butterfly-themed table decoration, even if you’re not married. Oops.

procrastination. It’s a tragedy that most of us struggle with, and a hurdle to a productive and fulfilling life. Especially now that many of us are trapped in temporary home offices due to the Covid blockade, we are struggling to keep distractors away.

But how can I stop deferring important tasks? How can you really silence the nasty inner voice of distractions?

Fortunately, the latest technology offers many apps to help you in combat. Select the Procrastination Stop app from the list below to keep things going and eliminate distractions.

1. Focus @ Will

Focusatwill e1595421636537

Based on neuroscience research, Focus @ Will uses music to help you focus and drive your productivity stream. Choose from a variety of channels, from baroque piano and ambient music to funky beats from electrobach and alpha chill.

According to research, this app can extend the focus period by 200-400%. It also provides timer functionality and a productivity tracker. Channel recommenders can help you choose the right music for your needs, depending on your personality type, the type of task you are dealing with, and whether you are suffering from mental health problems such as ADHD.

Focus @ Will is available for both Android and iOS, and as a web app. Subscriptions start at $ 69 per year.

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2. Focus on To-Do

focustodo e1595421832911focustodo e1595421832911

As a great procrastination app, Focus To-Do Pomodoro technique With to-do list function. For those of you who haven’t met before, Pomodoro is one of the most effective productivity techniques. It is built with about 25 minutes of work sessions dotted with 5 minute breaks.

Focus To-Do allows you to define tasks such as subtasks and recurring tasks and assign deadlines. You can then use the Pomodoro technique to process the items in the list one at a time.

This app is available on all major platforms, including smartwatches. Tasks are synced between devices. The basic app is free, the premium plan starts at $ 2.99 per month, and the lifetime license option is priced at $ 8.99.

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3. RescueTime

Rescuetime e1595421978263Rescuetime e1595421978263

RescueTime boasts a rare 5.0 “excellent” score from PCMag and is one of the most widely used productivity tools popular with freelancers, designers and developers. It automatically tracks the time spent on various websites and applications and categorizes them. You can use this information to analyze where and when you are productive, and the main threats to your productivity.

More importantly, RescueTime makes it easy to block distractions. This is great for pomodoro sessions. You can also set goals such as spending less time on email and social media. RescueTime helps you reach them automatically.

The app is available on all major platforms, offers a free light version, and premium plans start at $ 6.50 / (annual billing). It also integrates with a variety of other productivity tools such as the calendar app and Slack.

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4. Forest

Forest e1595422122123Forest e1595422122123

As an app to stop gamed procrastination, Forest is a great way to motivate you to stay focused. Plant a tree in your app each time you start a focus session. It grows on your screen while you work. However, if you exit the app during the session, the tree will disappear.

The goal is to motivate people not to use their cell phones and eliminate important distractions.

By completing the focus session, you can grow the entire forest over time. Not only is this visually appealing, it’s an uplifting representation of the amount of work you’ve managed to accomplish. Your forest also affects real life. The larger you make it, the more “coins” you can earn with the app. Then, using them, the app team will plant the actual trees.

Forest is available as an iOS, Android, and Firefox extension. An optional in-app purchase costs $ 1.99.

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5. Rocket 135

rocket135 e1595422283934rocket135 e1595422283934

For those who are overwhelmed by the to-do list, Rocket 135 allows you to prioritize tasks. Rather than face multiple stressful anxiety-inducing tasks per day, select and complete one important project, three of medium importance and five of less important. ..

With this app, you can customize basic list types, archive tasks, assign them to themes, and collaborate with other users. It syncs between devices and offers a limited free version. The premium version is available for $ 2.50 per month or $ 25 per year.

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carrottodo e1595422396454carrottodo e1595422396454

Like Forest, CARROT To-Do is an iOS app that turns productivity into a procrastination game.

You can easily set yourself up To-do list You will then be rewarded with “fortune cookies” and hundreds of unique rewards for completed tasks. But be careful! Failure to complete the task will result in loss of reward or level down. A unique feature of CARROT is that it is branded as having a personality with an attitude that matches it. “I’m your new taskmaster,” it declares.

The one-time cost of this app is $ 2.99 and there are several in-app purchases of different themes and icons.

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7. Freedom

freedom e1595422665443freedom e1595422665443

If gamification isn’t your style, Freedom Is a procrastination stop app that offers a slightly tougher approach to fighting procrastination. Block distracting apps and websites that are synced across all devices. If you need to focus on your offline projects, you can even shut down the internet altogether.

This app can be downloaded for Mac and Windows, or installed as an extension to Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. iOS and Android apps are also available. Premium plans start at $ 2.42 / / month (billed annually).

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8. Momentum

momentum e1595422789195momentum e1595422789195

With an aesthetic approach to productivity, Momentum ensures that you stay focused. This browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge combines beautiful natural wallpapers, undisturbed time views, inspirational quotes, and high-priority to-do lists.

The free version of the app allows you to set your daily priorities and other tasks yourself. The $ 3.33 / month premium option also includes a Pomodoro timer that syncs with the popular Task Manager.

Momentum is perfect for arriving at work after a stressful commute or creating an atmosphere in your (home) office.

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9. Take five

takeafive e1595422930358takeafive e1595422930358

Breaks are essential. Unfortunately, they are also procrastination pitfalls. On Facebook, a short 5 minute break can easily be a waste of an hour.

Take a Five, an app that stops this postponement, can help you get around it.Set the timer as long as you like break down And open the tab. When the time runs out, the app will automatically close this tab and notify you to return to work. You no longer have to scroll down the rabbit hole.

Take a Five is available as a web app for free.

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10. With all my heart

mindly e1595423055435mindly e1595423055435

At a glance at the ever-growing deadline to-do list, you get a cold sweat. Mindley is the solution for you. This app helps you organize your deadlines, lists and reminders in 3D.

You can create a myriad of circles that connect related ideas and projects. Each circle is color coded, tagged with a summary, and annotated with emoji. With the power of associations, you can keep your inner universe organized.

Carefully sync between devices. We offer a limited free version for Android and iOS, with a one-time upgrade to Premium for $ 6.99. In addition, the desktop app is available for Mac for $ 29.99.

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Final idea

Procrastination is hard to stop once you start it, but these apps can help you regain productivity and complete a to-do list of everything you’ve avoided. Find out which one works for you and start it today.

Other tips to stop procrastination

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6 Tips to Stop Procrastinating Your Life

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