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Past 2 times The growth of the cloud market has been a stimulating period for many years, with increasing demand for access to new technologies and a surge in the culture of “working from anywhere” during COVID-19. IT leaders have been working to shift workloads to the cloud to ensure the business continuity of remote workers, and cloud computing adoption has skyrocketed. This momentum is expected to recover after 2022.

For many companies, pandemics have accelerated their digital transformation plans for months and even years. Reliance on cloud infrastructure will continue to grow as organizations adapt to hybrid working models.Gartner project Global spending on cloud services is expected to rise from $ 313 billion in 2020 to over $ 482 billion in 2022.

As we enter the new year, C2C, an independent Google Cloud community, has identified six notable cloud computing trends in 2022.

More people are using new technology

The pandemic has influenced a new generation of entrepreneurs. Millions of people have started their own ventures because of the inevitability of mass severance, the desire for a more flexible lifestyle, or the inspiration for ultimately pursuing passion.

As businesses grow and digitize, entrepreneurs from a variety of industries are embracing the cloud and adopting technologies such as machine learning and data analytics to optimize business performance and save time and money. SMEs and start-ups have a myriad of benefits. First, the cloud gives you access to your data from anywhere you have an internet connection, enabling the seamless collaboration you need in a hybrid work environment. Without investing in expensive hardware or software, entrepreneurs can invest in other areas as they grow their business.

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